Discover the site that reveals messages they’ve NEVER sent you

Did you know that there is a website that collects text messages that were never sent to their recipients? We’re talking about “The Unsent Project”. The platform gained fame after a trend on TikTok went viral. In it, users posted videos discovering messages that were supposed to have been dedicated to them.

To do this, they search for the phrase “unsent message to” on Google, accompanied by their own name. Then they click on the first link that appears on the search engine results page and read the content. Want to know more about? So, see below.

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The Unsent Project, the website that reveals messages you could never receive

Its fame was such that, in Google Trends, a tool that displays the main searches of the moment in the search engine, the term “The Unsent Project” was on the rise in the last 07 days. Searches related to the site also registered a large increase from one hour to the next, such as: “message that was never sent to you”, “unsent message to” and “The Unsent Project BR”. And because of that, of course, there would be no lack of doubts about the platform. After all, what is the purpose of the project and how to write and see a message on the website?

First of all, it is important to know the site itself. In short, the Unsent Project collects messages that users wrote to their first loves, and never sent. Created in 2015 by Rora Blue, its proposal is to discover in which colors people see love. Therefore, messages appear in a color chosen by the sender and that reminds the recipient. With more than 05 million publications, the project emerged as a way to “offer an emotional outlet for those who need it”. For many, the downside is that the site is only available in English.

In addition, all messages are anonymous and deal with different contents, since the idea of ​​“first love” can vary according to the interpretation of each one. There are messages intended, for example, for friends, ex-boyfriends, siblings, parents and even pets. The submitted texts are stored on the website, where they are sorted by name and color.

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How to access the website?

Before that, it is important to say that different people, but with the same names, will find the same messages, since it is not possible to know exactly who the recipient is. It is, therefore, a coincidence, as the written message may not have been for a particular person with that name.

To search for a name, simply go to The Unsent Project website ( and go to the “Archive” option. In the search bar, type the desired name and hit ”enter” to see the results.

To send a message, click on the “Submit” option, which is located on the upper right side of the site. Then, at the top of the frame, enter the recipient’s name. Then write the message and choose the color you want. Finally, agree to the terms and submit your text.

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