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At 8 am, Brasília time, polling stations opened for voting across the country this Sunday (2). In all, there are more than 156.4 million voters in Brazil and abroad, according to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). 577,000 electronic voting machines are being used in the 2022 elections, according to the court. Voters will be able to vote until 5 pm.

Voting times in 2022 have been unified across the country by the TSE. States with a different time zone than Brasília opened polling stations when voting began in the country’s capital.

Thus, voters from Rondônia, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Roraima started to go to the polls at 7:00 am local time (8:00 am Brasília time). In Amazonas, most municipalities in the state started voting at 7 am local time, but in some, which have the same time zone as Acre, voting started at 6 am local time.

In Fernando de Noronha, which belongs to Pernambuco, voting began at 9 am (8 pm GMT). The TSE informs that despite the difference in the time of the beginning of voting in different locations to adapt to Brasília time, the voting time is the same everywhere: eight hours.

With the standardization of voting from the official time of Brasília, the TSE will begin to publish the results of the polls from 17:00, right after the end of the collection of votes. In past elections, disclosure was made only after the end of voting in Acre, which is two hours different from Brasília time.

electronic voting machines

The new model of electronic voting machine, which will be used in the 2022 elections, is provided by the company Positivo Tecnologia, which won the tender with the TSE.

The new polls bring more accessibility features and novelties in terms of security, transparency and agility. In addition, they have a new design and a processor 18 times faster than the previous version. The keyboard has also been improved and the battery will last for the life of the device.

According to Rafael Azevedo, Electoral Technology coordinator at the TSE’s Information Technology Secretariat, the manufacturing process of electronic voting machines is more complex than that of most electronic equipment.

The TSE reported that, like the old polls, the new machines do not connect to any type of network, internet or Bluetooth. Also according to the court, they can be audited before, during and after the vote, by the parties and supervisory institutions that make up the Elections Transparency Commission (CTE) and by society in general.

Another change announced by the TSE concerns the polling station terminals, which underwent modernization. The new terminals no longer have physical keyboards and now have touchscreen technology, that is, a touch-sensitive screen. With the change, it will be possible to streamline the voting process — while one voter votes, another can be identified by the polling station, which can reduce the waiting time in line.

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