Former Botafogo coach shows regret for having charged the club overtime in court: ‘It’s a debacle’

Former coach of Botafogo, Rene Simões confessed to having regretted after charging overtime in the action he charged the club in justice back wages and the award for having participated in the 2015 Campeonato Brasileiro Série B title campaign.

According to him, there was a lawyer’s orientation to try to place as many requests as possible in the action, but the initiative ended up being counterproductive.

– I left Botafogo so upset that I did something I really regret. We had an agreement and I was fulfilling what they wanted, which was to be among the four for Serie A, my lawyer asked me and I said that I wanted my prize, because I had been champion, I had an established prize. The lawyer said that he would put a lot of things, the Justice wouldn’t give some, but maybe it would give others, and then I fell into his nonsense and put overtime, night shift, something that is a debacle – revealed Renê, to the channel “Resenha com TF”.

René Simões said again that to this day he does not understand why he was fired from Botafogo, after being eliminated by Figueirense in the Copa do Brasil.

– Botafogo has not completed my cycle yet, I would like to know why I was sent away. When I took over the club, I had to stay between the four (in Carioca) and go up, those were the two things I had to do. We were champions of the Guanabara Cup, runner-up of Carioca and we were in the 14th round for eight rounds leading the championship (Series B). We left at the last minute (from the Copa do Brasil), it was enough for Pimpão to roll the ball to Sassá and soon after, Figueirense scored – he recalled.

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