Google Play Store updated with tablet-optimized design on your home screen; see how it turned out

Google continues to expand the design update of its Android apps, such that they are getting a more elaborate look for large screens. In the last week, big tech started releasing a new version of the Play Store that, instead of simply “stretching” the user interface, adopts elements optimized for tablets.

The changes are not very blatant, but they should contribute to the operating system’s official application store offering a more tablet-friendly experience. You can see that the side menu has shrunk, but gained a button that displays the main “Offers” available on Google Play. See landscape mode:

The store’s logo started to hide the words and only keeps the representation of “play” next to the search box, which has become narrower. Recommended app icons have become larger and continue to display user ratings.

In portrait mode, the differences are even more discreet — only the logo was changed, now hiding the words “Google Play” and showing the new figure presented in July.

Apparently, the new arrangement of elements is limited to the Google Play Store homepage. The website 9to5Googlewho discovered the changes, notes that the app sheets and settings pages follow the same design from the previous version. The tablet-optimized home screen can be achieved by upgrading to version 32.5.16-21.

Other ecosystem apps that have received an interface treatment include YouTube Music, Calculator, and even Google Clock.

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