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Grêmio’s defeat to Sampaio Corrêa had some drawbacks, according to president Romildo Bolzan. The Grêmio president complained about two bids in the match at Castelão and stressed that the club is considering meeting with Wilson Seneme, a former referee who chairs the CBF Arbitration Commission, to formalize the complaint.

In Romildo’s assessment, Elkeson’s goal had no irregularities. In the 18th minute of the first half, the striker headed the corner kick and scored the goal, but the bid was annulled with the help of VAR by touching the arm of shirt 9. Grêmio would tie the match, which at that moment was won by Sampaio by 1 to 0.

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In addition, there was an alleged penalty in play with Kannemann, which was not signaled by referee Rafael Traci. In the 38th minute, the Argentine tried to head towards the goal. The ball hit André Luiz and the goalkeeper made the defense, generating a lot of complaints from the Grêmio defender. Romildo considers that the trajectory of the ball in the throw was changed.

Romildo Bolzan, president of Grêmio — Photo: Reproduction

As if the complaints were not enough, Romildo reported an inconvenience with referees in Santa Catarina, claiming to have a survey of games in which state referees would have harmed Grêmio. The fact may make the club seek the CBF Commission.

– Grêmio will work on this idea of ​​meeting with Seneme. We have had many problems with arbitration in Santa Catarina. It is not the first time and it is up to the public record, it cannot be a coincidence with identical facts in situations harmful to the Grêmio. We are doing a survey, there are five games with refereeing from Santa Catarina, five games with a lot of difficulty. I understood that Grêmio was doubly wronged, both in the disallowed goal and in the unmarked penalty – said Romildo Bolzan.

Despite the defeat, Grêmio maintained the vice-leadership of Serie B, thanks to the defeat of Bahia in the round. With 53 points, the team from Rio Grande do Sul saw Cruzeiro celebrate the title even without being on the field and the distance to the fifth place decreased from eight to seven points – it could drop one more if Ituano wins.

Grêmio’s next appointment at Segundona takes place on Tuesday. At the Arena, the team receives CSA, at 19:00, for the 33rd round. For the confrontation, coach Renato Portaluppi will have the return of six holders who were absent in the match in Maranhão.

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