Hamilton won’t ‘punish himself’ for Singapore GP mistake

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Lewis Hamilton had great chances to fight for the victory in the Singapore GP of formula 1, but a mistake while battling against Carlos Sainz caused the pilot to break a wing, needing to go to the pits to repair it and, because of that, his entire race was harmed.

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At the time of the dispute, Hamilton slid forward and entered the tire barrier while chasing the Ferrari driver. The Brit managed to get back on track, but his front wing was damaged and he was forced to switch.

He was able to combine the break for a break with a change to dry tyres, but the whole episode cost him a lot of time and dropped him from fourth to ninth place – the position in which he ended the race.

“I knew it was all over from then on,” Hamilton said when asked by the motorsport.com about the error. “But these things happen. I mean, I’m not going to punish myself for a mistake.

“I think it was very tricky conditions, I would say to everybody, and I think our car, whatever problems we have with this car, it’s magnified in the rain when it’s wet. A very, very difficult car to drive in the rain.”

Asked if, how Max Verstappenhe lost control when the car hit rock bottom, he said, “I really don’t know. I’ll check the data. I don’t want to blame this, but the car was sinking a lot and obviously had the crash. So I don’t know.” where did the crash come from.”

The Mercedes pit crew replace a front wing on the car of Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13

The Mercedes pit crew replace a front wing on the car of Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13

Photo by: Steven Tee / Motorsport Images

Hamilton initially thought he had escaped without damage to the wings. “In the first few corners it felt normal, and then eventually sparks started to appear and I think it ended up failing.”

Hamilton’s race started to go wrong early on when he lost to Sainz at the first turn. He said on the radio that he was pushed, but insisted he was not trying to punish the Spaniard.

“It’s okay,” he said. “Racing. The only reason I mentioned this is because I didn’t want anyone to think I went off the track, because there’s a bollard on the far right, but I was forced to start, so that was the only reason.”

Sainz’s move meant that Hamilton was stuck behind the Ferrari and he became frustrated at losing contact with the leaders Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc.

“Yeah, that kind of rough start and obviously getting stuck behind Carlos. I don’t know why he was so slow. But obviously not [fui] fast enough to get past him in those conditions and then get behind him.

“I think I could do similar times to the guys ahead, but because I was stuck behind him, I couldn’t. I think if I was third, I would have continued with the guys ahead.”

Hamilton also explained a message to the team at the start of the race when he said “I told you about those tires” and complained about the lack of grip.

“I made laps on the grid in [inter] clean and put the new one [inter] and it was terrible. It took several laps for temperatures to rise. And we can’t fire our tires as fast as the others for some reason. In both wet and slick. So we don’t really understand why. But maybe there’s something going on there in terms of temperatures, because in the long term in the dry we have good longevity.”

Asked if he saw any positive aspects of the weekend, he said: “The car had its moments this weekend for sure, where it wasn’t too bad I think. It’s a little erratic with this car.”

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