Heads up! These apps are killing your phone battery

Did you know that there are apps that can drain your cell phone battery in a short time? If you think your device is discharging faster and faster, you can be sure that this is not just an impression. Spending hours a day on an app can promote this. See the top apps that can harm your battery.

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From the moment you buy your cell phone, its battery will decrease according to how much you use it. Just like any other electronics, its capacity will regress over time. It’s inevitable.

Top apps that kill battery health

Here’s a look at some of the most popular tools that can make the device’s shortcomings feel more quickly to the user than anticipated.


This is a very popular streaming platform in Brazil. In fact, one of the most used. And precisely because it is constantly in use and being used to watch movies and series, it can end up consuming a lot of battery, which will harm the phone’s useful life.


Facebook is an application by Meta that is seen as one of the biggest drains on your cell phone battery. Because of its constant use and also having another connected to it – Messenger – it is easy to understand why it ends up discharging the cell phone even faster. Your updates and available activities also corroborate this.


This is the most famous app as it has the largest number of users at the moment. Most people use it all over the world. It is necessary for communication, so it ends up being active all day, which demands a lot of battery. Do you understand why he is also a “villain” of the device?


Instagram also makes it into this list, as most people end up leaving it open all day, as they like to take a peek at the net often. Its functions of recording videos, posting photos, effects, sending messages and other things don’t help the battery at all.


TikTok is a more recent application, but it is already one of the responsible for the performance of your cell phone to be decreasing. Since this is a video social network, they can end up causing your phone to become addicted, something that puts a lot of strain on your device.

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