Miranda and +2; Defeat in the Copa Sudamericana could mean ‘end of the line’ for veterans of the Tricolor squad

Sao Paulo

Rogério Ceni’s team was surpassed by Independiente del Valle-EQU in Córdoba

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Miranda was not a starter throughout 202
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – Miranda was not a starter throughout 202

With the 2-0 defeat to Independiente del Valle (EQU) last night (1), the Sao Paulo missed the chance to win an international competition again after ten years. Playing a single decision final for the first time, the goals of Lautaro Díaz and Faravelli decreed the runner-up of the Tricolorwhich disappointed the more than ten thousand fans who went to Argentina.

In a disorganized performance from the first half, the Ecuadorians took advantage of São Paulo’s poor performance and won their second Copa Sudamericana in history. It is worth noting that the team led by Martín Anselmi had already won the “Sula” in 2019, when they defeated Colón (ARG) in the decision. I mean, he proved that he didn’t make it to the final by accident and was superior.

That said, in addition to losing the chance to win a direct spot in the group stage of the next edition of Conmebol Libertadores, the sporting result can also mean a “disappearance” in the tricolor squad. In the case of some veteran players who only have a contract until the end of the season, the tendency is that the absence from the main competition on the continent will accelerate their departures.

That is, in cases of Miranda, Rafinha and Éder, who still have uncertainties about the future of their careers, the defeat on Argentine soil may have meant one of their last games for Clube da Fé. Nonetheless, It is worth noting that the right-back can still reach a mark that would automatically renew his contract for another year. In the case of Miranda and Éder, the trend is indeed the exit.

Finally, scrutinizing a little more the situation of Rafinhait is worth noting that, as São Paulo will end the year with 77 games completed, the former Bayern (ALE) player needs to enter the field in at least eight more games. With a minimum of 45 minutes on the court, Rafinha has played 38 games so far.. As the contract mentions 60% of the matches, he needs to play for 46 until the end of the year to trigger automatic renewal. That said, Tricolor returns to the field next Thursday (6), when it will visit América-MG.

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