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The first round of the election is over. Mogi Mirim did not make any deputy, the region re-elected Barros Munhoz and we will have a second round for president and governor of São Paulo.

With 100% of the polls counted in Mogi Mirim, the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) figures indicate that, in the city, 63.64% of the votes for president were cast in Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The current president of the Republic, who is seeking re-election, had 32,982 votes. The runner-up in Mogi was former president Luís Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who obtained 26.81% of the votes, with 13,896.

Simone Tebet (MDB) had 5.47% (2,837 votes) and Ciro Gomes (PDT) had 2.81% (1,455 votes). The other candidates totaled 656 votes. There were 1,481 blank votes, 2,078 null votes and a total of 15,819 voters entered the abstention rate, which was 22.22% of the Mogimirian electorate. At the national level, Lula had 48.43% of the votes (57,257,473), a margin that took the election to the second round. His opponent will be Jair Bolsonaro, who got 43.20% (51,071,106). According to the TSE, 99.99% of the ballot boxes in Brazil and abroad were counted.


There will also be a second round in São Paulo in the election for governor. After seven straight victories, the PSDB is out of contention for Palácio dos Bandeirantes. The Tucano candidate for reelection, Rodrigo Garcia, was in third place with 18.40% of the votes in the state (4,296,243). The second round will have Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), who obtained 42.32% of the preference of the Paulista electorate (9,881,995) and Fernando Haddad (PT), who closed with 35.70% of the votes (8,337,139).

In Mogi Mirim, the order was the same, but with a wide advantage for the Republican candidate. Tarcísio received 27,136 votes (58.72%) against 10,152 (21.97%) for Haddad. Garcia closed with 16.79% of the preference of the Mogi Mirim electorate, with 7,759 votes.


It was not this time that Mogi Mirim re-elected a deputy (state or federal) legitimately linked to the city, which has not happened since the 1970s, with former mayor Bépe Albejante. The only representative of Baixa Mogiana elected was Barros Munhoz (PSDB), from Itapira (SP), who obtained 86,372 votes and is going to his seventh term in the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (Alesp).

The current president of the City Council, Sônia Módena (PSD) ended the election with 12,722 votes; Deputy Mayor Maria Alice Fernandes Mostardinha (Patriot) with 2,776 votes; and former advisor to the Mogi Mirim City Hall, João Matta (PDT) with 1,547 votes.

In the race for a seat in the Federal Chamber, three candidates from Mogi Mirim appeared: the licensed president of Crea-SP, Vinicius Marchese (PSD) got 45,933 votes; former councilor Manoel Palomino (PP) had 4,304 votes; and businessman Pastor Ricardo Braga (Podemos) received 1,436 votes.

Check out the full material about the first round of the 2022 elections in the print edition of the newspaper O POPULAR MM this Friday, October 7!

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