Neto detonates São Paulo team after runner-up in Copa Sudamericana

The presenter Neto detonated the players of São Paulo, today, in the program Os Donos da Bola, of the Band. Last Saturday (1), the tricolor team lost the final of the Copa Sudamericana by 2-0 against Independiente Del Valle, from Ecuador.

“Shameful, a football player has to be ashamed of himself, as a politician and commentator. Bunch of little players. If there’s a male player, it’s Calleri, even though he’s expelled. You don’t represent the São Paulo shirt, you don’t know what the São Paulo, they have no idea what Serginho Chulapa, Careca, Muller, Oscar, Darío Pereira are. They have to do a general cleaning”, Neto began.

“Then we are bad, São Paulo lost the goal, lost to a mediocre, bad team, there’s a goalkeeper who takes chicken in the final game, won 3-1 in the Paulista final and takes four from Palmeiras. Now, the wave is ‘let’s qualify for Libertadores or pre-Libertadores’, he said.

The presenter also praised the São Paulo fan, who has been supporting the team in weight in the games at Morumbi. Neto criticized the board and cited some names from the tricolor club.

“São Paulo has more fans than Palmeiras and Corinthians. What São Paulo is doing is an absurd thing. What they can’t do is hire Daniel Alves and keep paying his salary, hire Miranda who is not in a position to play football, hire goalkeeper who was the reserve’s reserve and plays in the final, then he hires Jandrei, who was Santos’ third goalkeeper, Rafinha, who thinks he is Bayern’s Rafinha. You think Pablo Maia will be a great star. They hired Nikão, who doesn’t play. It’s a shame for São Paulo to lose to a business team. You have to have a minimum of consideration for the São Paulo shirt”, he said.

Neto also attacked coach Rogério Ceni who, before the final, left open his continuity in 2023 if São Paulo did not win the South American title.

“Come Rogério Ceni. Why didn’t he resign after the game? Why isn’t he macho? Because he thinks about money, about status. You can’t have goalkeepers, who are bad and don’t have a goalkeeper punch”, he declared.

“When you take Rogério, who wants to be president, be just a coach, don’t be ‘bambambam’. São Paulo cannot lose against a team like that, lose a decision like this that would support that this year they won the title and is in Libertadores. It is very little for the team that has”, he concluded.

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