News! You can now negotiate your debts with Neon via WhatsApp

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Neon is a payment institution that was created in 2016 to simplify the financial experience of thousands of people, as well as helping them better manage their money. Now, to negotiate your debts, contact the bank using WhatsApp. Inform your CPF and some personal data to confirm your identity.

Then the company will check which is the best solution for your negotiation. It’s fast, easy and secure. If you missed the agreement date, you can request a duplicate through the service channel, informing only your CPF and date of birth.

Neon WhatsApp support

WhatsApp is the company’s official channel for negotiating overdue credit card debts. It is important to know that there is only this number to carry out any type of process with the company. Therefore, do not respond to messages from strange numbers posing as Neon when trying to negotiate debts with you.

Using the number, you can simulate an agreement, contract an agreement in cash or in installments, or generate a duplicate payment slip. It is important to note that this channel is exclusive for credit card overdue negotiation. That is, in this number it is not possible to negotiate other debts, such as loans.

So, if you need to make some kind of deal with Neon, start a conversation through the number:

Check all information carefully

After carrying out the process of negotiating your debt, a slip will be generated so that you can regularize the situation. Therefore, it is necessary to verify that the document received is correct, confirming the beneficiary’s data, which must be Neon.

The main points you need to check on the ticket are:

  • Ticket value;
  • Beneficiary data;
  • Name, logo and bank number;
  • Flawless barcode.

Image: Reproduction/Neon

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