on special date, web remembers iconic meme

It’s October 3rd again and you already know it means a lot meme in “Mean Girls” spread across the web. After all, the date is mentioned during the movie starring Lindsey Lohan and Megan Fox, which marked a generation.

“Mean Girls”: on a special date, the web recalls an iconic meme.

“Mean Girls”: on a special date, the web recalls an iconic meme.

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With narration by the main character, we had the following line: “on October 3, he asked me what day it was”. Then the character informs the kitten in the room that it was, in fact, October 3rd.

This scene became iconic along with the habit of wearing pink on Thursdays, so every year the internet gathers to remember the date. “Happy October 3rd,” many netizens posted on Twitter. “Today it is mandatory to watch ‘Mean Girls'”, recalled another.

However, it seems that the celebration will not be complete. After all, Netflix used this Monday, the 3rd, to remove the film from the catalog. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be sad! The film only switched platforms, as it is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Finally, check out other posts about the tradition of posting the “Mean Girls” meme on October 3:

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