Palmeiras sees Endrick increasingly at home and close to debut

The striker Endrick will be listed for the third time for a game of the professional team of Palmeiras, today (3) against Botafogo, in Engenhão. The call-up for the 10pm match follows the schedule of the coaching staff to acclimatize the 16-year-old forward to the professional team. And the plan seems to be working.

So certain that, once again, the player has a high chance of subverting the logic and anticipating what would be natural for someone his age in terms of the schedule for a newly promoted athlete.

Since before the player’s first time on the bench, against Santos, on September 18, the striker seems to be at ease with his colleagues. More than once, teammates, such as defender Luan, posted photos playing with the player on social media. Endrick, meanwhile, posted a photo of himself giving Tabata a “welcome” cart.

In official training photos, it’s common to see Endrick’s natural interactions with teammates. In the two games he was in, he ran to celebrate the goals with teammates, as if he were in the under-20 or under-17. In yesterday’s training (2), the boy simply appeared in a photo clinging to the neck of the team’s captain, defender Gustavo Gómez, after a recreational activity.

e - Cesar Greco/ Palmeiras - Cesar Greco/ Palmeiras

Endrick talks with Abel Ferreira at Academia de Futebol

Image: Cesar Greco/ Palmeiras

Skipping steps is natural for him

The commission’s plan for Endrick has the next season as the official starting point. The striker will participate in the pre-season of the professional team and should not compete in the Copinha, a tournament he won in 2022.

But Endrick is more than used to skipping steps. At the age of 15, he played for the under-15, under-17 and under-20 at the same time — sometimes in the same week. Being related to professionals is already a breach of the natural order. Playing will be just one step further.

The player’s debut has even greater chances of happening if Palmeiras wins the national title before the last round.

In 2021, Palmeiras played the last two matches of the Brasileirão with only under-20 players, when the results no longer changed the team’s situation in the competition. This year, along with other boys, the player is an almost certain presence in the matches following a possible title conquest.

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