Paracetamol, the Aristocats and a cockatoo. What did you search on Google before the Golden Globes?

This Sunday, October 2, all roads led to the XXVI Golden Globes gala, at Coliseu dos Recreios, in Lisbon. Love invaded the red carpet, Filipa Areosa surprised everyone with her pregnant belly, the suspicions of Carolina Carvalho’s pregnancy are many and even Cristina Ferreira’s words echoed on stage.

Transparencies and Glitters: The Golden Globes Trend

The Fama website was talking to faces it knows well and left a challenge: What was the last search you did on Google? Look inspirations, food orders, medicines, tickets, a justice case and even a bird from Australia. Ready for the answers? Let’s do it.

Sara Matos is inspired by Zendaya and takes on a futuristic ‘look’ at the Golden Globes gala

Ana Garcia Martins (Sweet Popcorn) : “Areias do Seixo is a hotel I was looking for
Vasco Palmeirim: “How to Fold a Scarf for a Tuxedo“, revealed. As a result, the Youtube tutorial was well worth it!
Jessica Athayde: “Sienna Miller’s hair. She reminded me of once liking one of her hairstyles. I didn’t know what to do with my hair and I ended up being inspired by her.
Gabriela Barros: “Tickets to Hamilton… in New York!”. A great way to celebrate winning the Golden Globes ceremony.
Filipa Areosa: The hours of the car park next door“.
Joana Aguiar: “It was definitely something from UberEats
Joana Marques: “Either it was a very stupid thing, or it was the address up to here
Sara Matos – “It was the lyrics of a song I was singing while I was getting ready“. [If The World Was Ending – JP Saxe e Julia Michaels]
João Paulo Sousa – “The name of the Aristocats. I spoke to a friend of mine who was a mother and I, now that I’m going to be a father, came up with a conversation and I really wanted to know“. If you don’t want to search, here they are: Thomas O’Malley, the Duchess and their children Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse.
Andrea Rodrigues: “The correct dose of acetaminophen to give my oldest daughter [varia com o peso]. He was afraid she had a fever, but no. Everything is fine“.
Soraia Chaves:”It was Jessica Chastain to see what she’s been using in makeup on the red carpet, but I ended up choosing something completely different”.
Júlia Pinheiro: “Duarte Lima“. The former deputy was subject to only periodic presentations to the authorities while he awaits trial in the Rosalina Ribeiro murder case.
Julia Palha: “A cockatoo. He was telling Martinha that she looked like a yellow-crested cockatoo. Ana Marta Ferreira, we confirm that the comparison was made with love.

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