Prints on WhatsApp images are their days numbered?

Some time ago, WhatsApp released a feature to users so that they could send a video or image to their contacts, who could view the content. only once. the calls temporary messagesonce opened, can no longer be accessed again.

The resource is widely used, but there is a big problem: knowing that the photo sent is temporary, many people cheat the system and take a screen print. In other words: what was meant to be seen only once ends up being saved on the other person’s cell phone without the sender knowing it.

Changes to the print policy

With the intention of increase security of users, WhatsApp is implementing a measure that prevents the prints of temporary messages. According to the WABetaInfo website, users will no longer be able to bypass the messenger mechanism.

In addition to preventing people from taking screenshots, the app should also display a message with the following warning: “Screenshot has been locked for privacy”. The sender of the message, however, will not be notified of the attempt to print, as with Snapchat, for example.

For now, this feature is enabled. only for beta version of the messenger, and the date the feature was implemented for all users has not yet been released. Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, also did not make any official statement about the functionality.

It is likely, however, that the function will be unlocked for all users coming soonso redouble your attention while it doesn’t exist and take care of the images you send temporarilyas it is possible for them to be saved through the screenshot.

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