Quest Pro: What is known about Meta’s new virtual reality glasses – 10/03/2022

Meta plans to launch a new model of virtual reality (VR) glasses on October 11, possibly called the Quest Pro.

On the date, the group that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will hold the Meta Connect event, which will have the metaverse as one of the focuses.

Here’s what we know so far about Quest Pro, which promises greater immersion for users — and convincing more people to explore virtual worlds.

no hanging handles

According to information from the Inverse website, the Quest Pro will not have suspended handles like those used in the Quest 2, one of the versions of VR glasses already marketed by Meta.

The future release is expected to have a single strap that wraps around both sides of the wearer’s head. The idea is that it resembles swimming goggles — not a helmet.

The back of the glasses must have a rubberized part, to fix the product on the head and prevent falls.

Quest 2 virtual reality glasses - Disclosure - Disclosure

Quest 2 virtual reality glasses

Image: Disclosure

It will come with two hand controllers. The expectation is that their design will be different from previous models. The glasses themselves can be thinner and more comfortable to wear.

mixed reality

Quest Pro even appeared in a teaser where Mark Zuckerbergthe group’s chief executive, simulates a fencing match.

In the images, it appears that the technology will be able to render the environment of the various participants in high resolution, combining virtual reality and augmented reality (when a digital object is inserted into a real scene).

Quest 2, recalls the Inverse website, is only capable of giving a very rudimentary black and white view.

In Quest Pro, the expectation is that three cameras have been added to the front, which improves image processing and display.

It is even possible that this year’s technology will come with eye and face tracking of users. The goal is to sync real expressions into avatars in the metaverse.

Some weeks ago, Zuckerberg posted a photo on Instagram wearing a model of glasses, but it is not possible to see many details.


Its value is estimated to be between US$ 800 to US$ 1,000 (between R$ 4,183.44 and US$ 5,229.30, in direct conversion), according to the Inverse website.

Today, Meta Quest 2 costs between R$ 3,370 and R$ 4,070 in cash in Brazil — the difference in values ​​is due to the memory, from 128 to 256 GB.

According to other rumors, Meta also intends to launch a fourth device – the Quest 3 — in 2023. It would be simpler than Quest Pro.

*With information from the Tom’s Guide website

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