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The right shoulder injury caused Tainara’s head to snap away. She was there, in the middle of the group, but she didn’t want to. Dealing with the pressure of not doing it, she had the layoff as an absolute dream. Gradually, however, she reacted. She stayed. And, by jumping in the queue for José Roberto Guimarães, she proved to be essential. Highlighted in the victory against China, the player reappears as one of Brazil’s weapons in search of the world title, in Holland.

Brazil returns to the court at the Volleyball World Cup this Tuesday, with a new home. The team will play in the second phase in Rotterdam. The first rival will be Italy, at 12:15 pm, Brasília time. sportv2 broadcasts the match live, and the ge tracks everything in real time.

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Tainara celebrates a point against China – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

– For a few moments, I wanted to ask for release, I wanted to be released soon. But God has a purpose for everything. I am very happy here, feeling very accomplished. From the moment I arrived here, I thought: “I’m going to my first adult World Cup”. I changed the key in my head. Of course, I have support. Psychologist, my parents, everything. And my shoulder is already much better, thank God. What you see on the court goes far beyond that. I’m very happy, accomplished. And grateful to Zé, who gave me this opportunity. I hope to help the team more and more.

In a strong interview with “Sem Bloqueio”, a documentary series that follows the season of the Brazilian team for sportv, Tainara showed that the pain she felt went beyond the physical. When he presented himself to the team with an inflamed shoulder, he didn’t want to be there. He only thought of goodbye. She ended up being cut from the last stage of the League of Nations, but she kept training. And he got the strength to recover.

– Because I arrived here with the shoulder injury, I arrived in a bad condition. My head wasn’t here. I just wanted to leave. I just wanted some time for myself. And when you get here, you have to give up yourself to live with the group. You have to show work all the time. I wasn’t ready to be able to do my best. I just wanted to be cut. I had a crisis like panic – said the player in the third documentary episode.

Tainara was the highlight of Brazil’s victory over China — Photo: Disclosure/FIVB

Zé Roberto knows Tainara’s potential. Today at Praia Clube, the athlete emerged from the base of Barueri, the coach’s project. Happy with the player’s evolution, he counts on the player’s versatility during the World Cup. On court, the various functions are proven. Summoned as a pointer, she shone in the victory over China as the opposite.

– We know that he is a very strong player physically, who is growing technically. She can play both positions, she has that versatility. She was central in the base category. It helps. That range of foundations she can have. And she can evolve a lot. Physically, because she’s a strong player, technically. She was instrumental in the relief of our team. Maintain regularity, posture, care. So that each time she becomes a better player.

Best moments of Brazil 3 x 1 China for the Women's Volleyball World Cup

Best moments of Brazil 3 x 1 China for the Women’s Volleyball World Cup

Tainara knew that he would start against China only in the locker room before the match. But, even without knowing it, the player prepared herself. In the defeat to Japan, she came off the bench and was one of those responsible for the team’s change of attitude. The reaction did not come, but the performance made the coach give him a chance in the next match.

– He said in the locker room that he would make some changes. Carol’s return and that it would start with me as the opposite. I confess that I was already preparing my head, that it would be a very difficult game and he would need everyone. Anyway, if I didn’t start and he needed it, I would be there. I came with my head here to be ready for anything.

Brazil debuts in the second phase this Tuesday. On the other hand, Italy, pointed out as the biggest favorite for the title. In Monday’s practice, Tainara was kept in the starting lineup. Back on the court, he hopes to help even more.

– World is not easy. From the first game. It’s a very long championship, where you need everyone. It’s a championship that wears everyone down. Phase two will be no different than it has been so far. Of course, much more difficult. But all games are very important. Every win, every point, every set. Everything counts.

In the first phase of the World Cup, the countries were divided into four groups of six and the four best placed in each group advanced. Now, the teams join in two new groups, E and F, for the second phase, without repeating the clashes of the previous stage, and the first four of each group advance to the quarterfinals. The World Cup final will take place on October 15th in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

Two-time Olympic champion in women’s volleyball, Brazil seeks an unprecedented title in the World Championship. The team was runner-up three times, losing once to Cuba and twice to Russia. The last Women’s World Cup was played in 2018, in Japan, and the Brazilians did not make it past the second phase.

Games in Brazil in the second phase of the World Cup:

Tuesday – 10/04
12:15 pm – Italy vs Brazil

Thursday – 10/06
11am – Brazil vs Puerto Rico

Friday – 10/07
15:15 – Brazil vs Holland

Saturday – 10/08
12pm – Brazil vs Belgium

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