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Since Mark Zuckerberg presented the proposal for the metaverse, in 2021, companies from all over the world are mobilizing to not be left out of this new scenario. But there are those who view the idea with suspicion or skepticism. One such person is Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

Tim Cook next to several MacBooks Air (image: publicity/Apple)
Tim Cook next to several MacBooks Air (image: publicity/Apple)

In an interview with the Dutch newspaper RTL, the executive answered questions on various subjects. But the position on the “fashion” of the metaverse was one of the strengths of the conversation. Not that Cook is against the concept. He simply sees the idea as something difficult to realize.

It starts with the realization that, in general, people don’t know exactly what a metaverse is, argues Cook:

I always think it’s important for people to understand what a thing is. And I’m not really sure that ordinary people can tell what a metaverse is.

In the absence of clearer definitions, most people probably go for the simplistic explanation that the metaverse is merely a virtual environment with characters that represent real individuals.

Maybe that’s not the perfect definition, but it’s not wrong. What raises deeper questions is whether people would really like to spend some of their time in such an environment.

In this sense, when commenting on virtual reality (VR), Tim Cook gave an answer that also serves the metaverse (after all, both concepts are closely linked):

[A realidade virtual] it’s something you can really dive into. And that can be used in a positive way. But I don’t think you want to live life that way. VR is for set periods, but it’s not a way to communicate well. So I’m not against it, but that’s how I think.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks differently

Very different. While Apple prioritizes integration between its various products and services to create a strong ecosystem, Mark Zuckerberg advocates a more open approach (involving multiple organizations).

Mark Zuckerberg (image: Playback/Facebook)
Mark Zuckerberg (image: Playback/Facebook)

As points the The Vergeearlier this year, Meta’s CEO declared that the company’s commitment to developing the metaverse puts it in a “philosophical competition” against Apple:

This is a competition of philosophies and ideas, where they [a Apple] believe that by doing and integrating everything on their own and tightly, they will build a better customer experience.

Zuckerberg’s statement is interesting. Even if it wasn’t the intention, she implies that if Apple wanted to bet on the metaverse idea, it would probably create something of its own, within its ecosystem.

But Tim Cook has made it clear that the company has no plans for that and that he sees the idea as having little or no promise.

On the other hand, perhaps Apple is looking too closely at the virtual reality/augmented reality market. There are more and more rumors that the company will launch such a device in 2023.

With information: 9to5Mac.

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