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Juventus beat Bologna 3-0 this Sunday in Turin and breathed a sigh of relief in Italian Championship. Vlahovic was the best on the field with a goal and an assist in the triumph, which broke the team’s five-game winning streak.

The first goal came in the 23rd minute of the opening period. The Serbian ex-Fiorentina fired in a counterattack through the middle and activated his compatriot Kostic on the right. He kicked it cross with his left leg and opened the scoring.

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Vlahovic celebrates his goal in Juventus’ victory over Bologna (Photo: Massimo Pinca/Reuters)

At 13 of the second half, Vlahovic did his own. Shirt 9 took advantage of McKennie’s cross from the right, climbed the second pole and headed in the left corner of goalkeeper Skorupski. The Serbian scored his fifth goal in Serie A and returned to score after four games of fasting.

Shortly after, in the 16th minute, Milik hit a beautiful first-time shot with the left-handed ball that remained at the edge of the area after a corner: 3 to 0.

Milik kicks for the first time with his left-hander to score the third goal for Juventus against Bologna – Photo: Massimo Pinca/Reuters

The full-backs Danilo and Alex Sandro and the defender Bremer were starters at Juventus. The left-back almost scored a great goal at the end of the game, when he applied a sheet to the marker inside the area and kicked it across, but sent it out.

After eight rounds, Juve only got their third victory, which alleviates the situation of coach Massimiliano Allegri. The Old Lady is in seventh place, with 13 points, and Bologna is 17th, with six points.

Juventus return to the field this Wednesday, at home, against Maccabi Haifa, for the third round of the Champions. In Italian, the next commitment is the derby against Milan, on Saturday, in Milan.

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