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Apparently, Google is still in the business to get users to sign the YouTube Premium at any cost. As if the constant banners promoting the service and the impossible-to-skip ads weren’t enough, the company may have found a new way to push the paid version of streaming: limiting the quality in 4K of videos for subscribers only.

YouTube (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

The finding was shared a few days ago by a Reddit user. According to him, when watching a video, he realized that the app wouldn’t let him increase the quality to 2160p (4K) unless he paid for YouTube Premium. Below the option, there was a link that redirected you to upgrade your subscription.

Others, however, stated that the platform continued to offer quality without having to pay. However, in the face of the discussion, some questioned whether watching a video in this resolution would, in fact, be necessary. “Honestly […] who gives a damn? […] You don’t need 4K quality,” one user wrote.

“So after testing up to 12 YouTube ads for non-Premium users, now some users have reported that they also need to have a Premium account just to watch 4K videos.”

It is possible that Google is testing the throttling on a small number of users. For now, the company has not yet expressed its intentions to make 4K exclusive to YouTube subscribers.

The company also did not say whether it will restrict higher quality videos to cell phones only or if this could affect all devices. Even so, limiting the option only to those who subscribe to Premium may annoy those who do not want to pay BRL 20.90 monthly for the service.

Users have seen up to 10 ads at once

A few weeks ago, the technoblog reported that some unpaid YouTube users were seeing up to five six-second pre-ads to watch certain videos.

A few days later, more reports surfaced on social media, and this time, people were seeing up to ten ads that couldn’t be skipped.

“I took ten [propagandas] on my Roku. Five minutes of video later, I got nine more,” one person wrote in a Reddit thread about a 30-minute piece of content.

Google publicly apologized for the bad experience and confirmed that it was running “a small global experiment that served multiple ads […] when viewers watched longer videos on television.”

For the Mountain View giant, these tests aim to “create a better experience for viewers by reducing commercial breaks”.

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