Will new technologies take the place of the PIX? Find out what the experts say

Surely, you have heard of, or even use, the new modality of Pix. The tool created in 2020, draws the attention of millions of people, and is used, at all times, by most Brazilians. This is because it is a rather practical tool, which can make life and payments easier for everyone who uses it.

It so happens that the president of the Central Bank recently stated that the tool is just the beginning of an era of technological tools to come. That is, new technologies should succeed Pix, bringing even better results for the population that joins. Therefore, it is valid to understand how Pix works, as well as technological financial tools.

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How does Pix work?

First of all, the Pix tool was developed by the Central Bank. That is, the financial institution responsible for moving the country’s economy. As mentioned, it started to come into effect in the year 2020. More specifically, on the 19th of February. Since the process of publicizing the sport began, millions of Brazilians have already shown interest.

Therefore, the tool consists of facilitating online financial transactions for all those who choose to use it. That is, it is an instant mode, in which it is possible to make and receive payments immediately. Best of all, using Pix is ​​completely free. So anyone can enjoy it.

Thus, to use the tool, simply register the so-called “Pix Key” at the financial institution of your choice. This key is used to identify the owner of the Pix, to avoid payment failures. That is, it is a form of security for payments, without the need to share agency and account. Finally, the tool is available throughout the country, and access is free, 24 hours a day.

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New technologies

The president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos, said about the possibility of creating new technologies, which can have an even more beneficial and practical result than the Pix tool. Roberto made the statement last Friday, during the “DrumWave Day” event in São Paulo. For Campos, the world is moving towards different technological advances, which will increasingly cover financial transactions.

According to information released by the president, he currently sees that even in the central banks of fully developed countries, there is a feeling of ‘if I can’t regulate, I want to expel’. Therefore, for Roberto, the best alternative is, precisely, to do the opposite. That is, bringing together all technologies that can be beneficial to institutions.

Thus, Campos also stated that his desire is for direct interaction between the ‘interface’ and the news, so that he can better understand how it works, as well as what is happening in the face of technological advances. Finally, the president’s statement creates an expectation that new possibilities will emerge soon, as well as the novelty of the creation of Real Digital, recently released by the BC.

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