Zelensky regains Russian-annexed region, plans new breakthroughs

Ukraine’s president announced that the strategic town of Lyman, located in Donetsk, is ‘completely free’

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Russia lost annexed area a day after Putin signs referendums

the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyannounced this Sunday, 2, that the strategic city of Lyman, located in Donestk, one of the territories annexed by the Russiais ‘completely free’ from the troops of Moscow. “At 12:30 (6:30 GMT) Lyman is completely free. Thank you to our military,” declared the president in a video posted on social media. The announcement comes two days after Vladimir Putin signed the annexation of four territories partially occupied by Russia: Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson. Zelensky celebrated the advances of his troops and said that next week “new Ukrainian flags will be raised in Donbass”, in the east of the country, where the Ukrainian army is fighting back. Since the beginning of September, Ukraine has made good gains in the seven-month war. During the announcement made on Sunday, the Ukrainian leader sent a message to Russian soldiers and authorities: “Until they solve the problem of who started it all, who unleashed this senseless war against Ukraine, they will die one by one, becoming goats. scapegoats, because they do not admit that this war is a historic mistake for Russia”. On Saturday, 1, Ukrainian authorities had already notified about the conquest of Lyman. The Russians, on the other hand, said it was a “more favorable lines” retreat. Lyman’s loss is a severe setback for Moscow.

Controlled by the Russians since May, the site has been operating for months as a logistics and transport hub that anchors Russian operations in the north of the region. His capture is Kiev’s second-biggest gain since a lightning counteroffensive retook areas of the Kharkiv region this month. With Russia’s military defeats, analysts fear that President Putin will turn to nuclear weapons to defend his territory. After the withdrawal of Russian forces from Lyman, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadirov said Moscow should consider using “low-powered” nuclear weapons. On the battlefield, with the release of Lyman, Ukrainian troops seem to regain strength. “I am optimistic and very motivated. I see the activity on the front line and the territories that we are recovering,” said a 33-year-old Ukrainian soldier, who identified himself as “Humo”.

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