Abel Ferreira explains Mayke’s role and rejects euphoria for title in Palmeiras: “Everything is possible” | palm trees

Improvised in the offensive sector, the side had a direct participation in the result by scoring the second goal from Palmeiras in the confrontation played at the Nilton Santos stadium. In a quick press conference, Abel Ferreira praised Verdão’s number 12 and highlighted the strength of the squad.

See Abel Ferreira's press conference after Botafogo x Palmeiras

See Abel Ferreira’s press conference after Botafogo x Palmeiras

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– I already said that I like to have players in the squad that play more than one position. When they all come in, they don’t do it in the game that they haven’t done in training. If he is in that position, it is in the opinion of the technical team and the coach that he is in the best shape at the moment. I look at moments, players have moments in the season, and I have no problem putting any player in any role. (Mayke) He played a great game, could have scored the second goal, makes a good pair with Rocha and balances the right aisle for us – said the coach, who praised the group when citing the expulsion of Zé Rafael.

Abel Ferreira in Botafogo x Palmeiras — Photo: Alexandre Durão

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– We understand that when we have fewer players we have to do other things, and the players have been brilliant. I have to thank them because the more time passes they make me a better coach.

When talking about the attitude of the team with one less, however, Abel was “dry” and countered the question:

– That’s why I’m a coach and you are journalists. If you want to be coaches, go to CBF, take the course and sit here in my place.

Leader of the Brazilian Championship, Palmeiras now has 63 points and has a ten-point advantage over Internacional, with nine rounds remaining to the end of the competition.

Abel, however, avoided any euphoria and kept to the “final nine” speech. The coach also stated that he warns athletes about off-field speeches.

Best moments: Botafogo 1 x 3 Palmeiras for the 29th round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best moments: Botafogo 1 x 3 Palmeiras for the 29th round of the Brasileirão 2022

– I’ve gotten used to that in Brazil, and I’ve already told players not to let themselves be won over by what they read. Here they win the games before doing. I only know one way to win, on the field. Not long ago we had a final between a Brazilian team and a foreign team and all the press had already said that they had won. Respect for the opponent has to start with coaches, players and you in the press. In football I learned that everything is possible in football. Sometimes, if we don’t respect our opponents, then things turn out the other way around.

– We are not going to change a comma of what we said since we entered the competition at the beginning, we had clear goals in the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores and we were eliminated the way we were. In the Brazilian we have nine finals, let’s face it with that balance, will and quality of the players, who once again showed quality at all levels, technique, tactics, physical and mental – said Abel Ferreira.

Palmeiras return to the field next Thursday, when they receive Coritiba at Allianz Parque, at 7 pm, for the 30th round of the Brazilian Championship.

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“We continue and we will be”, comments Leandro Bocca |  The Voice of the Crowd

“We continue and we will be”, comments Leandro Bocca | The Voice of the Crowd

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