Amber Heard walks with her daughter and girlfriend, Bianca Butti, in Spain

Actress Amber Heard was photographed with her daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, and her girlfriend, filmmaker Bianca Butti strolling through Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Amber has stayed out of the spotlight since the court defeat she suffered in the libel and defamation lawsuit her ex-husband Johnny Depp brought against her.

The photos are from the 29th, but were only released this Monday (3). On the tour of Marbella, Amber and her girlfriend were accompanied by other friends as they walked the city streets and played with little Oonagh.

In July, when she lost the legal battle, the actress was ordered to pay her ex-husband $10 million in damages, which eventually dropped to $5 million, but her lawyer, Elaine Charlson Bredhoft, claims that Amber does not have the financial means to pay the debt.

Away from the networks, one of her last posts on Instagram was celebrating her daughter’s first year of life. “Still can’t believe you’re here,” she wrote in the caption. (Playback/Instagram)

Amber’s legal representative also criticized the jury’s verdict, saying it was a setback for women and believes the decision was influenced by the pressure placed on the case by the actor’s fans and social media. In the United States, the long legal battle was watched under the watchful eyes of the entire country and became one of the most divisive issues at the time. “It was horrible, very uneven.”declared the lawyer.

The jury closed the case in favor of Depp and found the opinion piece that Amber wrote for the Washington Post about domestic violence to be defamatory, in addition to awarding a damages of US$ 15 million, which Elaine managed to bring down to US$ 5 million.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, the actress expressed disappointment on her social media and regretted that, according to her, the mountain of evidence she presented during the process was not enough to face the power and influence of Johnny Depp.

Featured Photo: Amber Heard. Reproduction / Instagram

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