Bandeira is elected deputy with a different strategy from Eurico

“Vasco is without leadership and representation. For Vasco to have a voice again, in October vote 1199. Greetings from Vasco!”.

It was in this way, in the 1990s, that Eurico Miranda presented himself during electoral hours as a candidate for federal deputy. Although he placed the priority functions of a parliamentarian below Vasco’s interests, he managed to be elected twice in his own way and arrived in Brasília in 1995 — he stayed until 2003 —, rocked by the club’s good phase.

Decades later, Eduardo Bandeira de Mello, former president of Flamengo, is once again an important Rio leader with a legislative position in the Federal Capital. However, unlike the former Vasco president, who died in 2019, he did not explore the club he is identified with so much, and went for a broader strategy, reaching 72,725 votes as a candidate for the PSB-RJ last Sunday (2).

Considered the main symbol of the revolution that Flamengo went through, Bandeira made use of the benefits he achieved with his good work done in front of Rubro-Negro, but with parsimony. The now 69-year-old federal deputy also threw the spotlight on his long career as a public servant, with more than 30 years working at BNDES (National Bank for Economic Development), and sought to reach the electorate outside the Flemish “curral”. On top of this experience, it mainly supported two strong pillars: financial management and environmental projects.

In finance, he promised efficiency with public money in the same way as he did in Flamengo and in the BNDES program called PMAT (Program for Modernization of Tax Administration and Management of Basic Social Sectors), which aimed to help municipalities to improve collection, the management of resources and to qualify the services provided to the population.

In relation to the environment, he highlighted the work carried out as head of this department in the public agency, when he was one of the creators of the so-called “Amazon Fund”, which aims to allocate resources to promote projects to combat deforestation, conservation and use sustainable use of forests.

“My main banner is respect for public money. It is to ensure that the money in our budget is effectively used for what is in the population’s interest. The money being used for the public interest, we will be able to have quality education, health, transport , respect for the environment… In other words, well-being for the population as a whole”, declared Bandeira.

Sees Fla stadium with good eyes and is in favor of amnesty for organized

Obviously, Eduardo Bandeira de Mello did not leave Flamengo aside, and some issues related to the club directly or indirectly are also under the deputy’s eyes. One of the issues that, for example, has been taking over the red-black news is the possibility of the club building its own stadium in the Gasómetro region, in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

Bandeira believes that, if the bidding notice for Maracanã proposed by the State Government remains in its current form, the best solution will be to start building the new home for Fla.

“If this public notice that is there on the street, for the concession of Maracanã, is confirmed, if that is the case, there is no other way. Flamengo has to go to its own stadium because this public notice is simply ridiculous. It is totally harmful to the interests not only for the clubs but also for the taxpayer, after all, Maracanã is a public stadium. This public notice that is on the street is shameful, I sincerely hope that it will be reformulated”, he told the “Papo Reto” channel.

Regarding the discussions that take place in the Public Ministry (MP-RJ) for the bill that aims to give amnesty to organized supporters, Bandeira de Mello is favorable. Currently, the proposal authored by deputies Carlos Minc (PSB), Zeidan (PT) and Luiz Paulo (PSD) has already been approved by Alerj and is now in the discussion stage for updating the Terms of Conduct Adjustment (TAC). Nowadays, some of the main organized groups of Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco are suspended from the stadiums.

“It’s past time we had specific rules and mechanisms to enforce the laws, which have always been valid outside the stadiums, inside as well. And that’s why I understand this bill as an evolution, something healthy”, said Bandeira in a post on Twitter, complementing:

“Of course, we need to analyze the amendments and the negotiation of counterparts with the MP, but the way it is done today it is clear that it does not work. . The punishment of the CNPJ was a valid attempt, but it has been proven that it did not work. And one cannot compromise with the error. Clear rules can even help/encourage eventual changes within these organizations, some with more than 50 years of support for their clubs”.

He was defeated in two previous elections

Eduardo Bandeira de Mello had already ventured into politics on two other occasions. One shortly after leaving Flamengo’s presidency, when he tried to run for federal deputy in 2018, for the Rede party. At the time, however, he was unable to be elected.

In 2020, the former leader was launched as a candidate for mayor of Rio de Janeiro by the same party, but was only in eighth place, with 2.48% of the votes (a total of 65,296).

Elected federal deputy now and retired from BNDES, Eduardo Bandeira de Mello’s project is to establish himself in political life and plans to reach other positions in the future.

Eurico even had a request for the removal of his mandate

Eurico Miranda during electoral propaganda: he did not shy away from saying that the candidacy was for Vasco - Reproduction / Youtube - Reproduction / Youtube

Eurico Miranda during electoral propaganda: he did not shy away from saying that the candidacy was for Vasco

Image: Playback / Youtube

As in his career as a football manager, Eurico Miranda was also surrounded by controversies during his time as a parliamentarian. The first time he tried to run was in 1990 for the PL-RJ, but he was unsuccessful. In 1994, however, stoked by Vasco’s three-time championship in Rio de Janeiro, where he was runner-up in football, he managed to be elected federal deputy for the PPB-RJ.

In 1998 he was elected again, but in 2001 he was asked to withdraw his mandate with the complaint of carrying out an unauthorized exchange operation. Eurico was accused of promoting evasion of foreign exchange from the country, but could not be tried at the time because he had parliamentary immunity. In 2002, he ran again for the post of federal deputy, but was not elected.

In 2006, Eurico had his candidacy rejected by the TRE in Rio de Janeiro. According to the argument of judge Jaqueline Montenegro, for lack of moral conditions to exercise a mandate. However, the leader appealed the decision and the following month, he had his candidacy confirmed by the TSE, but again he was not elected.

Marcos Braz can’t get elected

Marcos Braz in a collective presentation of Marinho in Flamengo - Reproduction - Reproduction

Fla football vice president Marcos Braz failed to be elected as federal deputy by PL-RJ

Image: Reproduction

Flamengo had the possibility of having two directors linked to the club in Brasília. That’s because the current vice president of football, Marcos Braz, also ran for the post of federal deputy for the PL-RJ. However, his 38,623 votes were insufficient to be elected. With that, the manager continues to lead the portfolio at Rubro-Negro and focuses his attention on the two important decisions that lie ahead: the Copa do Brasil, against Corinthians, and the Libertadores, against Athletico-PR. Both finals will take place in October.

Other figures linked to Flamengo who were also not elected to the positions of deputy were the former player Bebeto, the coach Joel Santana and the look-alike of Gabigol, called “Gabigol da Torcida”.

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