Big Lessons From Elon Musk, Richest Man Alive, About Business

Elon Musk, a billionaire mind. Of all your thoughts, which ones can be taken and applied in our daily lives? Even with different realities, each of us can identify a little because they are identifiable with life in general.

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“Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass looking into the abyss of death”

This is an uncertain world. You are dealing with a constant fear of everything going wrong and different from anything you practiced before. It is a sudden life change, you will start to be the head behind the project and many years of work will come forward.

For the multimillionaire, life wasn’t always flowers. When he started working, before becoming an entrepreneur, when he arrived in Canada, his job was totally manual, he was responsible for cleaning in a sawmill and other functions involving hygiene and proper maintenance on site.

To undertake, you do not need to enter this market face to face by earning a wage amazing or in the profession you want. It’s about adaptation and survival.

“Failure is a possibility. If things aren’t failing, you’re not innovating enough.

We are living in the technology period because of innovation, insistence and countless failures. Failures that became improvements and reached the public.

If today we have smart cars, which go without a driver, a lot is due to the confrontation of ideas that we had in the past, of people who thought we needed cars and people who thought that ‘horses already did this job’. The same with phones, it was unrealistic to talk to someone from another city or even country through a device. And today we see how useful this is.

“Life is too short for long-term disagreement”

Here we have a margin of interpretation that varies according to the understanding of each one. One of them is patience, responsible for avoiding more aggressive disagreements.

There is no such thing as successful work done hastily. Losing patience, whether in the presence of others or alone, shows how irritated we are with something that is sometimes out of our control.

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