Bitter taboo: Atltico hasn’t beaten Santos in Vila Belmiro for over 13 years

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Atltico’s last victory over Santos in Vila Belmiro took place in 2009

This Wednesday (5/10), Atltico will try to end a bitter taboo against Santos in Vila Belmiro, in Santos. Galo has not beaten Peixe on the coast of São Paulo for over 13 years.

From 2010 to 2021, Atltico played 12 times against Santos in Vila Belmiro – one for the Copa do Brasil and 11 for Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. The absolute record in favor of the São Paulo team: there were 11 victories and one draw. In 11 of these matches, Peixe scored two or more goals.

The last Atletico triumph in Vila Belmiro took place in 2009. On that occasion, in the 7th round of Serie A, Galo beat Santos 3-2 with an exciting comeback. Neymar and Lo scored for the home team in the first half of the match, while Diego Tardelli, Evandro and Carlos Alberto looked for the alvinegra turnaround.

In 2021, the most successful year in the centenary history of the Atltico, the club from Minas ended a 50-year fast without winning the Brazilian Championship with an almost flawless campaign. One of the six defeats by Cuca’s team in the competition, however, was precisely against Santos, in Vila Belmiro, by 2-0.

At the time, the game was valid for the 7th round. Jean Mota and Marcos Guilherme scored the goals of the team from the coast of São Paulo. Allan, from Galo, was expelled in additions.

Recent history of Santos x Atltico in Vila Belmiro

  • Copa do Brasil 2010 – Santos 3×1 Atltico – quarterfinals
  • Brazilian 2010 – Santos 2×0 Atltico – 15th round
  • Brazilian 2011 – Santos 2×1 Atltico – 10th round
  • Brazilian 2012 – Santos 2×2 Atltico – 31st round
  • Brazilian 2013 – Santos 1×0 Atltico – 5th round
  • Brazilian 2015 – Santos 4×0 Atltico – 26th round
  • Brazilian 2016 – Santos 3×0 Atltico – 20th round
  • Brazilian 2017 – Santos 3×1 Atltico – 32nd round
  • Brazilian 2018 – Santos 3×2 Atltico – 37th round
  • Brazilian 2019 – Santos 3×1 Atltico – 8th round
  • Brazilian 2020 – Santos 3×1 Atltico – 9th round
  • Brazilian 2021 – Santos 2×0 Atltico – 7th round

Points outside the curve

In the midst of several negative results in Vila Belmiro, Atltico won victories against Santos as a visitor in 2014 and 2019. In 2014, at Arena Pantanal, in Cuiab, 2-1, for the 5th round of the Brazilian Championship that year.

Then, in 2019, at Pacaembu, in So Paulo, for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. With two goals from the Colombian Yimmi Char, Galo beat Peixe 2-1, in a comeback, and advanced to the quarterfinals of that edition. The team would be eliminated by rival Cruzeiro in the next phase.

New Battle in the Village

This Wednesday (5/10), at 9:30 pm, Santos and Atltico will write another chapter of this confrontation in Vila Belmiro. The game will be valid for the 30th round of the Brazilian.

In the main national competition, Galo and Peixe are looking for a spot in the 2023 Copa Libertadores. The Minas Gerais team is in 7th place, with 43 points, while the São Paulo team occupies the 11th place, with 37.

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