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Bluetooth 5.3 is the latest version of wireless connectivity technology. Although simple, the advances compared to Bluetooth 5.2 promise a better experience for users. One of the novelties is in relation to the size of the encryption key, which has been increased to avoid improper entries and leakage of important information. Thus, users can have more security during data exchange. In addition, the time to switch the connection between one device and another has been reduced, which allows you to connect more quickly without impacting the quality of data transfer.

Despite being launched in 2021, the technology is still present in few devices, which can raise doubts about its differentials and advantages. With that in mind, the TechTudo prepared an article with the main changes of Bluetooth 5.3. Check it out below.

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Bluetooth 5.3 is present in few devices on the market; see technology differences — Photo: Reproduction/Unsplash

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Encryption key size

Encryption is a technology used to ensure data security. Each time information is generated, the devices involved in its transmission create a random key so that other devices cannot access this data. This is a very important security feature to prevent unauthorized entries and information leaks.

Connection 5.3 promises more security with new encryption sizes — Photo: Disclosure / House of Marley

In Bluetooth 5.3, the sensitivity of a shared data determines the size of the encryption generated. This means that the more sensitive the shared file, the longer the encrypted code can be. In practice, this feature ensures more security for both transmitters and receivers.

So that the information is not lost during the transmission process, the connection via Bluetooth sends the same data several times to the receiver, which ends up generating more energy consumption in the device. With version 5.3, however, the verification step for uploaded files is unique, even if the data is uploaded more than once. This is a good change for users who have devices with a short lifespan, as the connection automatically disregards duplicate transmissions.

Bluetooth 5.3 ensures less battery consumption — Photo: Reproduction/Kickstarter

connection subclassification

In Bluetooth 5.3 it is possible to switch connection types quickly, without impacting the quality of data transfer. In old versions of the technology, it was common to have a certain information delay when changing the transfer between one device and another, which hindered the user experience.

With improvements in connection subclassification, it is possible to quickly switch Bluetooth 5.3 functions — Photo: Disclosure / JBL

With the latest version, it is possible to switch connection types without any interference, whether lighter or not. If you have the speaker connected to your smartphone and you receive a video call, for example, the time between answering and turning off the connectivity of the other device is much shorter.

What changed from Bluetooth 5.2 to version 5.3

At its launch in 2019, Bluetooth 5.2 brought changes that were primarily aimed at optimizing connectivity with other devices. For example, new technologies emerged that allowed the connection to various devices, in addition to reducing energy consumption during the exchange of information.

Versions 5.2 and 5.3 promise agile connectivity on compatible devices — Photo: Disclosure/Huawei

Bluetooth 5.3 has changes aimed at another purpose. The first one seeks to improve the connection with any type of device, and leave aside the slowness that could arise during data transmission. In addition, security in the exchange of information was also a concern during the development of the new version of the technology. The increase in the size of the encryption key is an important differentiator to improve the protection of users during the new connection.

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