Brazil reacts at the end and beats Italy in debut in the 2nd phase of the World Cup

It was with suffering, but Brazil beat Italy this Tuesday afternoon (4), in a match valid for the debut of the two teams in the 2nd phase of the Women’s Volleyball World Cup. With partials of 25/20, 22/25, 22/25, 25/22 and 17/15, the team led by José Roberto Guimarães took revenge for the defeat suffered in the final of the League of Nations.

Now, Brazil returns to the court next Thursday (6), at 11 am (Brasília), when it faces the selection of Puerto Rico. The match will be valid for the second round of the second phase of the World Cup.

Brazil overcomes difficult start

The first points were not the best for the Brazilian team. After seeing Italy open 3/0 on the scoreboard, José Roberto Guimarães’ team reacted and looked for a comeback. Well in defense, Brazil also had seven errors from the Italians to maintain the minimum advantage of two points during most of the set. In the final stretch, the attack was lethal and closed the partial at 25/20.

reaction came late

After a balanced start to the set, Italy opened up a five-point lead and kept the margin until the final stretch. With 22/16 on the scoreboard, the Italians relaxed and saw Brazil cut the difference to just one goal. After the scare, the Europeans returned to place the ball on the floor of the Brazilian court and closed the partial in 25/22, leaving everything the same in the general score of the match.

Italy grows at the end of the set

The third partial started better for Brazil, which opened 7/2. However, the fat built up by the Brazilian team began to drop when attacks began to stop at the Italian defense. After balancing during the middle part of the set, Italy managed to open up the lead in the final stretch, especially with Egonu, who scored seven points. Shirt number 18 even closed the score at 25/22.

José Roberto’s Challenge cools Italians

The fourth set was the most equal of the match. The two teams alternated points, with Brazil opening the lead in the middle of the partial. The three-point gap, however, was cut by the Italians near the end. However, a successful challenge from José Roberto Guimarães after a ball defended by the opponents that touched the ground cooled the rhythm of Italy, which started to make mistakes in the final moves, favoring the Brazilians, who closed the score at 25/21.

Brazil suffers but wins

The tie-break was balance and side-to-side points. In attack, the Brazilian team was effective and did not waste the opportunities it had. Luck also played on the side of Brazil, as the Italian blocks ended with the ball falling outside the court or inside the European side. The partial was closed on 17/15 and Brazil debuted with victory in the 2nd phase of the World Cup.

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