Cara Delevigne and Margot Robbie to be investigated after assault

After getting involved in a controversy with a paparazzi in Argentina, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevigne are expected to be called to testify. This past Sunday (2), photographer Pedro Alberto Orquera had his arm broken by British filmmakers Jose McNamara and Jac Hopkins, who accompanied the two actresses to a dinner party.

According to the tabloid The Sun, a source claimed that the artists will be investigated. “In my experience, as witnesses, Cara and Margot will have to testify before the prosecutor. The only way they won’t have to testify is if they’ve already left the country. The prosecutor has stated that the investigation remains secret and she will want to speak with Cara and Margot as soon as possible. She also ordered that there be a police guard in the victim’s hospital room so that no one could approach him,” the newspaper says.


Delevigne and Robbie were accompanied by McNamara and Hopkins at a restaurant in the La Boca region of Buenos Aires, when they were photographed by Pedro Alberto. Also according to The Sun, when police arrived at the scene, the paparazzi was lying on the ground with a broken elbow. The filmmakers were arrested.

In an interview with the international press, the photographer told more details about the incident. “They tried to take my camera to erase the pictures I had taken. I started running away from them because they were hitting me. As I was running away from them, they kicked me hard, so my camera went up in the air and I fell to the ground and hurt my arm. It was bleeding a lot. I was losing a lot of blood, in a few minutes the police arrived”, he described.

The actresses were getting into the car when the incident happened and witnesses claim that Margot nearly fell out of the vehicle when the driver accelerated to flee. “Mrs Robbie – who I could identify – touched the shoulder of one of her security guards and pointed her finger at me. That’s when several people started hitting me and the chase started. I felt they managed to hit me and I was knocked down. on the sidewalk with such speed that, if I had fallen on my head, they would have killed me”, Pedro Alberto finally said.

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