CEEE Grupo Equatorial starts issuing electricity bills in a new format; see what changes

New energy bill model from CEEE Grupo Equatorial. Photo: Disclosure

The new electric energy future model of CEEE Grupo Equatorial begins to be distributed, this Wednesday (05). The distributor has 1.8 million customers in 72 municipalities of the concession in Rio Grande do Sul, including the 23 on the northern coast of the state.

According to the company, a more friendly and clean layout was adopted, with more clarity in the information. The company also highlights that the energy bill complies with the rules established by the National Council for Finance Policy (Confaz) for distributors in the country that use the Electronic Electricity Invoice (NF3e).

Delivery continues to be made in the same formats: printed when reading, by email for those who opted for the digital invoice, by the Post Office or through the service channels of CEEE Grupo Equatorial, such as the website https://ceee. equatorialenergia.com.br/ and call center 0800 721 2333.

see what has changed

The new invoice underwent some changes in the visual aspects, in the arrangement of some information and in the addition of data, which are also better organized and easier for consumers to understand.

One of the main changes is the separate information on the value of the Energy Tariff (TE) and the Tariff for the Use of the Distribution System (TUSD). The TE is the specific value of the energy consumed in your home monthly, in R$/MWh. TUSD calculates, also in R$/MWh, the monthly billing related to the use of the system, such as costs with installations, equipment and components of the distribution network used to supply energy with quality.

These two values, now detailed on the invoices, do not imply an increase in the value of the energy bill. They were already charged before and now they will only be informed to the consumer in a more detailed and transparent way.

At the end of the energy bill, a space is already reserved for payment via PIX, which, according to the distributor, will be adopted soon.

“The new account makes it easier for customers to search for their information, including exclusive fields and graphics. The objective of CEEE Grupo Equatorial is to clarify, with a more detailed invoice, all the necessary doubts about energy consumption, use of the electrical system and taxes included, in addition to adapting the format to the rules of the electronic invoice”, says Rafael Ávila, Manager of Commercial Management of the energy company.

What’s on the new invoice

  • UC No. – This is the number of your consumer unit (UC), which facilitates your service by CEEE Grupo Equatorial;
  • Monthly bill amount + total payable + due date – clearer and easier to read location;
  • Energy Tariff (TE) – value of energy consumed in your home monthly determined by Aneel, in R$/MWh;
  • Tariff for Use of the Distribution System (TUSD) – value determined by Aneel, in R$/MWh, used to calculate the use of the system, such as installations, equipment and components of the distribution network that supply energy with quality;
  • QR Code for issuing Electronic Invoices – by positioning the phone’s camera, the customer has access to tax information, sent directly from the Treasury Department’s database;
  • Description of reading items – information regarding the energy and consumption meter used to calculate the bill;
  • Date of the previous, current and next reading – details of the consumption period, as well as the date on which the next reading will be carried out for monitoring and providing access, when applicable;
  • Month-to-month consumption history – to track the variation during the year;
  • Value composition – all values ​​that make up the monthly consumption and result in the total value of the bill;
  • Space reserved for PIX – bill payment method that will be made available soon.

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