Cicinho cites greater shame in Flamengo x Corinthians in the Copa do Brasil

Cicinho at Arena SBT talks about Corinthians x Flamengo

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The final of the Copa do Brasil between Corinthians and Flamengo is getting closer. At different times of the season, the two great national clubs are already starting to face each other in the sports media.

Last Monday (3), the ex-back of the Brazilian team and idol of São Paulo, Cicinho, nailed: Flamengo will win the title of the Copa do Brasil with a “shame” from Corinthians in the decision.

“This Flamengo team, in the final of the Copa do Brasil, will make Corinthians feel the greatest shame in a final”, said Cicinho during the exhibition of the Arena SBT program, on the open channel.

Participants in the program alongside the former Real Madrid side, former player Emerson Sheik and commentator Mano were irritated by the speech of the idol of São Paulo. “That is not possible”, said the former Corinthians player.

In the previous program, Cicinho had already nailed Flamengo’s victory with ease over the alvinegro team.

“Corinthians will embarrass Flamengo in the final, it’s Frajola against Piu-Piu. Flamengo is the best team in Brazil, and Corinthians came limping in the final and depending on a guy like Renato Augusto, who against other teams makes the difference. Against Flamengo, there is no way,” he commented.

“The car, the tractor, the machine will pass. Urubuzada will swallow the Hawk. Corinthians fan, forget it, Flamengo will pass the car in the final. favorite. He won’t be the Brazilian champion, in the Copa do Brasil, he doesn’t put fear in anyone and he’s going to be run over in the final”, concluded Cicinho.


The grand finals of the Copa do Brasil will take place on the 12th, at the Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo, and on the 19th, at the Maracanã stadium, in Rio de Janeiro.

Rivals in the Libertadores quarterfinals, Corinthians now expects a rematch against Flamengo. In the squad, Vítor Pereira’s team has significant changes: the departure of Willian, the arrival of Fausto Vera and the ownership of Renato Augusto and Róger Guedes, reserves in the duel for the continental tournament.

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