Cruzeiro already earns BRL 3.5 million per month with partners and plans improvements

For 2023, with Cruzeiro back

For 2023, with Cruzeiro back in Serie A, Ronaldo has already set the goal of 100,000 members

Very close to reaching the mark of 70,000 supporters, Cruzeiro has an average ticket for its program of R$ 52, which ensures monthly revenue of R$ 3.5 million. In the understanding of Gabriel Lima, CEO of SAF, the club is among the leaders of profitability in the country in this segment.

“It is certainly one of the most profitable programs in the country. We cannot analyze 100%, because not all (clubs) disclose in their balance sheets exactly how much the partner-fan program represents. what we did, we have no doubt that we are one of the most profitable”, he said.

To get an idea of ​​the evolution of this revenue in the club’s cash flow, Scio 5 Estrelas earned BRL 7.29 million in 2021, according to the financial statement.

SAF management expects to close the year with revenues of R$ 35 million, which would represent a 380% growth compared to 2021.

Only Flamengo and Palmeiras would be ahead with a higher absolute value, calculates Lnin Franco, business director at Cruzeiro. “I would say that if we go for the average price, we go first. Absolutely, no. But just being among the three is already an absurd advance for the scenario that was in December 2021”.

Program growth

For 2023, with Cruzeiro back in Serie A, Ronaldo has already set the goal of 100,000 members. But, before this growth, the club wants to better structure the program to offer more advantages, experiences and an efficient service.

“We are now entering a period of improvement in the plan, which is less about just filling a partner and more about having an excellent service. In addition, we also want to start improving partner service. As it has grown a lot, we also needs to improve this service. We have been monitoring the difficulties”, explained Franco to supersports.

The further structuring of the service has the other objective of guaranteeing the renewal of the annuity of current members and giving agility to new members.

“Now, we are starting to work hard for this service, because in December, January and February, the critical period begins, which is the renewal period. from the base and not have the rework to recover them”, he said.

Plans available from Scio 5 Stars

For the residents of Greater Belo Horizonte, Cruzeiro has plans of R$21/ms (Team do Povo), R$42/ms (Cruzeiro Semper), R$99/ms (Fenomenal) and R$180/ms (Multicameo).

The Efficient plan (PCD) costs R$ 69.90/month (with the right to a companion).

The Kids and Diamond plans are no longer available for new members on the program’s website.

Inland fans have access to plans of R$30/ms (Cruzeiro Semper Interior), R$75/ms (Fenomenal Interior) and R$135/ms (Multicampea Interior).

In turn, Cruzeiro residents from abroad have plans available at US$21/month (Scio Internacional) and US$10/month (Scio Internacional Kids).

Number of Cruzeiro members, year by year

Below, the maximum number of members per year and the annual amounts of revenue with the program and box office. The lifting of supersports based on financial statements, club reports and officer interviews.

2022 – 69.7 thousand active members

Partners – R$ 35 million projected this year

Box office – 26,797,976.10 (to date)

2021 – 43 thousand active members

Partners – BRL 7.29 million

Box office – BRL 2.38 million (pandemic)

2020 – 43 thousand active members

Partners – BRL 11.8 million

Ticket office – BRL 1.04 million (pandemic)

2019 – 53 thousand active members

Partners – BRL 14.12 million

Box office – BRL 18.3 million

2018 – 48 thousand active members

Partners – BRL 23.1 million

Box office – BRL 23.9 million

2017 – 38 thousand active members

Partners – BRL 22.3 million

Box office – BRL 16.4 million

2016 – 78 thousand active members

Partners – Not reported in the balance sheet

Members and box office – BRL 31.3 million

2015 – 70 thousand active members

Partners – Not reported in the balance sheet

Members and box office – BRL 43 million

2014 – 67 thousand active members

Members – R$ 56 million (informed by the club poca)

Ticket Offices – BRL 85.7 million

2013 – 46.2 thousand active members

Partners – BRL 33 million

Box office – BRL 63.7 million

2012 – 7 thousand active members (Mineiro closed)

Partners – BRL 8.4 million

Box office – BRL 10.5 million

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