Fan is prohibited by the PM from entering Nilton Santos with a sticker against Bolsonaro; Botafogo says there is no recommendation

Botafogo supporter Deborah Rocha was banned from entering Nilton Santos, this Monday, before the match against Palmeiras, carrying a sticker against the current President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro (PL). She was restrained by an employee who organized the entrance to the stadium and by a Military Police officer who was at the scene. Her entry was only allowed after she threw the sticker away.

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In contact with EXTRA, the fan claims that she questioned why she had to get rid of the sticker, but was answered rudely by the two people involved. She couldn’t keep it either, being forced to throw it away.

— I was coming in with the sticker written ‘Out, Bolsonaro’. The first woman who searched me said I couldn’t go in. As the magazine is separate between women and men, my friends were on the other side. I asked why. The answer was “because you can’t”. I asked again why I couldn’t. She said it might incite confusion. I asked to call the supervisor, but she called a PM. I asked again and he said that “I couldn’t, period. Either I threw it in the garbage or I would be taken with it” to whoever. I opened the bag to put it away, but he said he would have to throw it in the trash.

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According to Deborah, her friends showed that other Botafogo fans had objects in support of Bolsonaro inside Nilton Santos in the 3-1 defeat to Palmeiras.

— Several people sent me pictures with Bolsonaro’s hats, with Bolsonaro’s towel. They sent me pictures of people with their stuff. And I couldn’t get in with a sticker.

Sought, Botafogo says that “there is no recommendation” about prohibited stickers, account or in favor of politicians.

Sought, the Military Police has not yet manifested.

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