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With the arrival of FIFA 23 and the exclusion of the Liga do Brasil, as the Brazilian championship in the game was called, only clubs that played in continental tournaments in 2022 are included in the current edition of FIFA. Many fans of these clubs look for official badges and uniforms that are present in the last game with the classic name. Therefore, ge prepared a detailed tutorial on how to find these items on the transfer market.

Lautaro Lautaro Martinez with the São Paulo uniform in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

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Check out the Brazilian clubs present in FIFA 23:

  • América-MG (Libertadores)
  • Athletico PR (Libertadores)
  • Atletico MG (Libertadores)
  • Corinthians (Libertadores)
  • Flamengo (Libertadores)
  • Stronghold (Liberators)
  • Palm trees (Liberators)
  • RB Bragantino (Libertadores)
  • Atletico GO (South America)
  • Ceará (South American)
  • Cuiabá (South American),
  • Fluminense (South American)
  • International (South American)
  • Santos (South American)
  • Sao Paulo (South American)

How to find Brazilian team uniforms and shields in Ultimate Team:

Step 1: Access the transfers tab from the Ultimate Team home menu:

Ultimate Team Transfers Tab in FIFA 23 — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 2: Enter the transfer market:

Transfer tab options — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 3: Go to the Stadium tab in the transfer market and enter the Item Type option:

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team transfer market — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 4: Choose the Emblem or Uniform option (the process will be the same):

Ultimate Team club related item options — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 5: After choosing, select Content Type:

Stadium tab allows customization of your team — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 6: Select the Authentic option:

Types of emblem/uniform present in FIFA 23 — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 7: Enter the League option and check the list mentioned above which competition your team is in:

Option that allows you to choose the alloy of the item you are looking for — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 7: Choose the league you are looking for:

Part of the leagues present in FIFA 23 — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 8: Enter the Club option and choose the desired team:

League filter allows you to easily find clubs — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 8: After finding the club, just search with the button highlighted in the legend of your game:

Filter tools help you see only the item that interests the market — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

Step 9: In the market, it is recommended to look for the option with the lowest cost to save coins:

Market offers items offered by other players — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 10: Choose the item and bid to play for the item until the end of the remaining time, or select the Buy Now option to purchase the card immediately:

Card auction allows players to compete for an item for dynamic values ​​— Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 11: After purchasing, enter the Assign Now option:

When purchasing the item immediately, a notification is received — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

step 12: You will be redirected to the Save items tab, to proceed, just confirm the item according to the FIFA legend:

Tab allows you to save the item or list it on the market again — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

Step 13: Return to the Ultimate Team main menu, go to the Club tab and choose the Stadium option:

Option allows you to customize your club and the structure of your stadium — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

Step 14: In the Stadium menu, choose the Club option to change your shield/uniform:

Preview of your stadium in Ultimate Team — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

Step 15: Select the item you want to exchange:

Customization tab for shield, uniform, ball and celebration — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

Step 16: Search for the purchased item and press the button highlighted in the legend to activate:

After activation, the item will be used in all Ultimate Team matches in FIFA 23 — Photo: Rodrigo Almeida

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