Florian Zeller is back with “The Son”. Watch the trailer with subtitles – Cinevisão

Cinemundo released the first subtitled trailer for “The son“, by French filmmaker Florian Zeller, a drama that features Hugh Jackman, Vanessa Kirby, Laura Dern, Zen McGrath and Anthony Hopkins in the lead roles, and which follows the life of a family that is falling apart and trying to rebuild.

In the film, Nicholas (McGrath), a 17-year-old boy, a few years after his parents’ divorce, no longer wants to live with his mother, Kate (Dern). The son moves in with his father Peter (Jackman) and partner Beth (Kirby), and hopes a new school and a fresh start will help him fight his anxiety.

Trying to balance work, a new baby with Beth and the offer of his dream job in Washington DC, Peter tries to take care of Nicholas the way he wished his own father would treat him. But by leaning on the past in an attempt to right his wrongs, he loses the ability to hold on to the Nicholas of the present.

“The Son” is yet another film adaptation of a theatrical trilogy by Zeller, which includes “The Mother”, which will probably also be adapted to the big screen, and “The Father”, his film debut, with which he received critical acclaim. and six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress (Olivia Colman), having won the golden statuettes for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor, making Hopkins the oldest Oscar-winning actor in Academy history.

To be eligible for the Oscars, the film will be released in US theaters later this year. The premiere in Portugal is scheduled for January 26, 2023. Watch the trailer.

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