If it’s up to Abel, we’ll only see Endrick playing… in Europe! – 10/03/2022

Botafogo 1 x 3 Palmeiras

At Nilton Santos Stadium, nothing new.

Palmeiras, undefeated away from home in the championship, won another one.

And with authority!

Botafogo, one of the worst hosts of the Brasileirão, once again stumbled in front of their fans.

And we fans again sucked our thumbs and didn’t see the promising Endrick on the pitch.

Guys, it’s hard to understand Abel’s stubbornness.

Vitor Roque, from Athletico-PR, has been very well used by Felipão, being one of the highlights of Libertadores-2022.

Ângelo, 17, has also been one of the highlights of Santos, even with the beach team reeling.

And Palmeiras, who are already Brazilian champions, can’t afford to promote the debut of their child prodigy in a completely won game?

“Ah, but Zé Rafael was sent off in the second half”.

Yes, and then Abel took Ron out and put… Navarro!

Wow, what did it cost to put the kid on?

Unfortunately, if it depends on the Portuguese coach, we will only see Endrick on the field when he is in some European giant.

A feather!

And, among many, the most harmed in this whole story is the Palmeiras fan, who is failing to take advantage of the short period in which the player will stay in Brazil.

It’s understandable?


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