‘If you want to be coaches, go to CBF’

Abel Ferreira’s team achieved an important victory at Nílton Santos

In a duel valid for the 29th round of the Brazilian championshipO palm trees went to the Nílton Santos stadium and won the Botafogo 3-1 this Monday.

With this result, Palmeiras is up to 63 points, remains impeccable in its Brasileirão campaign and now has a 10-point advantage over the vice-leader International with 9 rounds to go, getting closer and closer to the title.

Even so, it was not enough to calm Abel Ferreira’s spirits. The Portuguese coach “pistoled” during his press conference.

“I felt that we started well, but Botafogo improved. Jeffinho scored Marcos Rocha very well to stop letting us create as we were creating on the right and left sides. As Pep Guardiola once said, what really makes the difference is having quality players, he said that in his last interview if I’m not mistaken. Our opponent, in this case Luis, brought quality to the squad after reformulation. Very good game on our part, we started well and could have scored. good kick. Our team continued with a strong, balanced mentality, with very well defined processes and very strong in attack. A very balanced team in all processes, whether in the dead ball, in transitions, in the way of attacking. Up to 3 at 1 we were fine and with the expulsion of Zé Rafael it became more difficult. The players already know, at this moment they don’t need a coach”, said Abel.

Asked why the team played well even with one less by a journalist, who cited Palmeiras’ tactical changes, Abel fired: “That’s why I’m a coach and you are journalists. If you want to be a coach, go to the CBF, get ready and sit in my place.”

The Portuguese was also harsh when asked what he thought of the running points championship.

“I don’t have the mental space to talk about it. That’s not my job.. Surely there are people who know more about it than I do. I always tell my players not to believe what they read. I learned that there is only one way to win games in football and that is on the field. We need to respect opponents. Let’s not change a comma of our posture. We had our goals in Brazil’s Cup and on CONMEBOL Libertadores and we were eliminated the way we were”

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