“It is debatable”; Mauro Cézar warns Dorival and puts absolute ownership of Flamengo medallion in check


Journalist targeted two sectors of Rubro-Negro that need attention and sent a message to the coach of Gávea

Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

Despite having thrashed Red Bull Bragantino last Saturday (1), 4-0, Flamengo presented vacillations that could compromise the team’s progress precisely in the final stretch of the season. That’s what journalist Mauro Cézar Pereira pointed out, who evaluated the duel against the São Paulo team as an opportunity for changes to be speeded up.

The commentator’s gaze alerts two sectors of the team to have the coach’s attention and changes Junior Dorival: flanks and midfield. “The lesson to be learned from this game is that Vidal cannot be the first man in midfield. Dorival removed Thiago Maia, João Gomes was suspended. One of the two must be on the field, Vidal cannot be the first man, he even took the penalty that he would hardly do if he had one of the two on the field, because he wouldn’t be in that position”, declared Mauro Cézar.

Mauro also detailed the sector as the main target for changes in terms of ownership: “I think Dorival needs to review some issues. The wings, not only Rodinei, but Ayrton Lucas played very well. Depending on the opponent, I don’t know if Filipe Luís always has to be a starter. I think it’s debatable, in some games Ayrton Lucas can be an alternative, he occupies the left aisle better, fills that side more and generates more plays. Filipe Luís is great, but he is a veteran player and in some matches Ayrton Lucas can be more interesting. So I think it’s important to analyze the opponent and see which one fits best,” he explained.

With the help of Mauro Cézar and in the search for the G-4 of the competition, since it is in fifth place, with 48 points, two behind Corinthians, which opens the direct classification zone for Libertadores, Mengão returns to the field next Wednesday (5), against Internacional, at Maracanã.

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