Italian Ministry of Justice sends extradition request for Robinho, convicted of sexual violence | international football

The news was released by the Italian agency Ansa and reproduced by several local vehicles, which emphasize that Brazil does not allow the extradition of its citizens, but that the measure may allow the player to be arrested if he decides to leave the country for other destinations.

Robinho was finally sentenced to nine years in prison for sexual violence against a 23-year-old girl at a nightclub in Milan in January 2013, along with his friend Ricardo Falco. The Italian Supreme Court confirmed in January this year the decision of the Milan Court of Justice, taken at the end of 2020,

Robinho was sentenced by the Italian Supreme Court — Photo: Disclosure Santos FC

The trial took place on January 19, at the Court of Cassation in Rome, which in the Italian legal system is equivalent to the Federal Supreme Court in Brazil. Robinho and his lawyers then presented the last appeal, which was denied by the Italian court.

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Robinho case: Fantastic explains 'environmental listening' that generated evidence against player

Robinho case: Fantastic explains ‘environmental listening’ that generated evidence against player

The two were listed in article “609 bis” of the Italian penal code, which talks about the participation of two or more people gathered for the act of sexual violence – forcing someone to have sex because of their condition of “physical or psychological” inferiority. The victim, who asked not to be named in the lawsuit, says she was drunk and sexually abused by six men while she was unconscious. Supporters of Brazilians say the relationship was consensual.

In addition to the confirmed nine years of imprisonment, Robinho will also have to pay a compensation of 60 thousand euros (about R$ 372 thousand at the current price).

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Understand how was the session that condemned Robinho in Italy

Understand how was the session that condemned Robinho in Italy

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The crime committed by Robinho took place at Sio Café, a well-known nightclub in Milan, in the early hours of January 22, 2013. At the time, Robinho was one of Milan’s main players. In addition to him and Falco, four other Brazilians, according to the city prosecutor’s complaint, participated in the sexual violence against a woman of Albanian origin.

Friends of the player who accompanied him abroad, the other four Brazilians left Italy during the investigation and were not accused, being only mentioned in the case file.

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The victim, who has lived in Italy for a few years, went with a friend to the nightclub that night – the violence took place inside the venue’s dressing room – to celebrate her 23rd birthday. At the end of this week, she will be 32.

Since the gang-rape victim denounced the player nine years ago, Italy has seen dozens of similar episodes rise to prominence, some of them involving children of politicians. The accused, according to a balance of the judiciary carried out by the Italian IBGE equivalent, are mostly young people between 20 and 25 years old (Robinho was 29 years old when he was accused of the crime).

O ge published exclusively in October 2020 the intercepts carried out against Robinho and his friends with the authorization of the Justice – bugs were even installed in the car the player used in Italy.

Robinho defended Milan at the time of the episode at the club, in 2013 – Photo: Reuters

The recordings were transcribed in the initial sentence and confirm, according to a judge who participated in the trial at first instance, the victim’s version that there was sexual violence committed by six men against a woman who was drunk and unconscious. “The woman was completely drunk,” said Robinho in one of the recorded conversations.

THE The first conviction of the former Santos and Ricardo Falco player dates from November 2017. At the time, Robinho played for Atlético-MG. He left Italy in 2014, when he had already been summoned to testify in the investigation that investigated the crime – the player denied the accusation, but confirmed that he had a sexual relationship with the woman, noting that it was consensual and without others involved. In Falco’s case, an investigation found the presence of his semen on the girl’s clothes.

Esporte Espetacular has access to unpublished excerpts from the sentence that convicted Robinho of sexual violence

Esporte Espetacular has access to unpublished excerpts from the sentence that convicted Robinho of sexual violence

In the judgment held in the second instance, in December 2020, the Milan Court of Appeal upheld the initial nine-year prison sentence. The three judges responsible for the session highlighted Robinho’s “particular contempt” for the victim, who was “brutally humiliated”, and what they considered an attempt to deceive the Italian Justice with a “false and previously agreed version of the facts” with the others. involved.

After Atlético-MG, Robinho went through two Turkish clubs: Sivasspor and Istanbul Basaksehir. In October 2020, he was announced by Santos, but did not enter the field for the club, as his contract was suspended and later terminated.

reenactment of the crime

In the reconstitution made by the Justice, the victim of Albanian origin said that she went to Sio Café on January 21, 2013 to celebrate her birthday with two friends. On the day, the nightclub’s programming was dedicated to Brazilian music.

Also according to the testimony, on the night of the episode, the victim said that she went to the place invited by one of Robinho’s friends, but that, by SMS, he informed her that she should only approach the table after the player’s wife left. .

As soon as that happened, she and her two friends joined the group of Brazilians, which later also had the presence of Ricardo Falco. According to the victim, the Brazilians offered several alcoholic drinks, but only she drank, as one of her friends was pregnant and the other was driving.

Around 1:30 in the morning, the two friends left, and one of them promised to come back for her. After dancing with the Brazilians, breathless and dizzy, she said she went to an area outside the club, when one of the player’s friends tried to kiss her. Shortly after, the two went to the dressing room, where the same friend kept trying to kiss her.

Robinho cannot be extradited, as the measure is not included in the agreement between Brazil and Italy — Photo: Thaynara Amaral

The victim admitted to only having “a few flashes of that night”, adding that she was unable to “talk” or “stand up”. According to her recollections, she stayed in the place alone for a few minutes and “realized” that the same friend and Robinho were “taking advantage” of her.

Several recordings of telephone calls between the accused, made with the authorization of the Justice, were transcribed in the sentence. One of the most decisive for the conviction in the first instance was a conversation between Ricardo Falco and Robinho, who indicated to the court that those involved were aware of the victim’s condition.

The only one present at the nightclub in Milan who served the sentence imposed by the Justice was the Brazilian musician Jairo Chagas, who has lived in Italy for years and who played at Sio Café that night in 2013. The crime allegedly took place in his dressing room, according to the reconstitution made by the Prosecutor’s Office.

He was convicted of perjury to Italian justice. In one of the intercepted recordings, Jairo tells Robinho over the phone that he saw when the player “put his penis inside her mouth”. In the statement, however, the musician said he did not see sex scenes that night.

Between 2018 and August 2021, he did community service once a week, caring for the elderly in a nursing home and cleaning plazas and daycare centers in the Milan area.

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