Italy asks for extradition of Robinho, ultimately convicted of rape

Italy asks for the extradition of Robinho, who was ultimately convicted in the country for rape

Italy asks for the extradition of Robinho, who was ultimately convicted in the country for rape

Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

The Italian government has asked for the attacker’s extradition. Robinho and your friend Ricardo Falco, sentenced ultimately to nine years in prison for the crime of rape against a 22-year-old girl, which took place in 2013, in a Milan nightclub. The information was released on Tuesday, 4, by the news agency loop.

The Milan Public Ministry, responsible for triggering the Italian Ministry of Justice, would have already been informed about the sending of the request for Robinho’s extradition to the Brazilian authorities. In January of this year, the striker had his appeal rejected by the Court of Cassation in Rome, leaving both him and Falco without the possibility of appeal.

It is worth mentioning that the Federal Constitution prohibits the extradition of Brazilians, but the Italian justice system can request the fulfillment of the sentence in a Brazilian prison. However, this possibility is hampered by the Penal Code of the Country, since the foreign sentence is only applied in Brazil in two situations: the first is for damages repair and the second, for ratification for the purposes of treaties.

At 38 years old, Robinho has not played in an official match since 2020, when he defended Istanbul Basaksehir, from Turkey. The player was even announced by Santos in October of that year, but the hiring was canceled after pressure from the fans and sponsors because of the rape lawsuit.

Since the beginning of the case in court, the athlete has adopted a more reclusive profile, without expressing himself on the subject. Recently, he was photographed next to midfielder Diego Ribas with whom he made a historic duo at Santos, on a beach in the city. On Saturday, he took to social media to express support for the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Understand the Robinho case

According to investigations, Robinho and five friends allegedly raped a young Albanian woman in a dressing room at the Milanese nightclub Sio Café, where she was celebrating her birthday. The case happened on January 22, 2013, when the athlete was defending Milan. The athlete was convicted in the first instance in December 2017. The other suspects left Italy during the investigation, so their participation in the act is the subject of another process.

Falco’s supporters also say their client is innocent, but they are calling for a minimal penalty if convicted. Estadão was at the nightclub in Milan and found that the place underwent renovation after the episode. Sought by Estadão in October 2020, lawyer Franco Moretti, who represents Robinho in Italy, reinforced that his client is innocent. The player stated that the entire relationship he had with the whistleblower was consensual and stressed that his only regret was having been unfaithful to his wife.

In an interview with Estadão, the victim’s lawyer, Jacopo Gnocchi, revealed at the time that she could have requested the payment of approximately R$400,000 (60,000 euros) for moral damages, but chose to wait for the legal proceedings to proceed. In his view, the Milan court that sentenced Robinho made a correct analysis of the case.

Transcripts of telephone intercepts carried out with judicial authorization showed that Robinho revealed to have participated in the act that led a young woman of Albanian origin to accuse the player and friends of gang rape, in Milan, Italy. In 2017, the Italian justice mainly relied on these recordings to sentence the attacker in the first instance to nine years in prison.

In addition to the telephone recordings, the Italian police installed a bug in Robinho’s car and managed to capture other conversations. For the Italian Justice, the conversations are “self-accusatory”. The wiretaps show a dialogue between the player and a musician, who played that night at the nightclub and warned the athlete about the investigation.

Robinho and Falco were convicted on the basis of article “609 bis” of the Italian penal code, which speaks of the act of non-consensual sexual violence forced by two or more people, forcing someone to have sex because of their “physical or psychological” inferiority condition. .

Robinho’s lawyers claim that the athlete did not commit the crime he is accused of and allege that there was a “misinterpretation” regarding the conversations intercepted with judicial authorization, as some dialogues would not have been translated correctly into the Italian language.

The negative impact on the rape case caused Robinho to have his contract suspended by Santos in October 2020. The striker was announced as a reinforcement by the Vila Belmiro club with a five-month contract. However, pressure from sponsors and the disclosure of conversations about the case caused strong repercussions, and the club chose to suspend the player’s contract.

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