Luís Castro avoids the theme ‘structure’ and attributes injuries to the intensity of training: ‘If I have players lying on a bed, they don’t get injured’

The coach Luís Castro has already been making some criticisms of the physical structure of the Botafogo, which is still in its infancy due to all the problems experienced in the pre-SAF era. But this time, the coach avoided the topic when asked at the press conference after the defeat to Palmeiras about the excess of injuries in the squad.

The alvinegro coach attributed the number of injuries to the intensity of training and the lack of homogeneity in the athletes’ physical situation, remembering that the contracted players arrived from different championships with different physical conditions.

– If I have players sitting or lying on a bed, they are not injured. If I give the work a moderate intensity, they don’t get injured either. If I give more intensity to the daily work, it is natural that the risk of injury increases. I prefer to have a team ready to compete, even risking a little more than the daily work. Fortunately, everyone responds very strongly to all tasks, and some may be more at risk of injury – he admitted.

– It’s not something I want to look at from the side, I look at it from the front, but it’s the first time I’ve had so many injuries. It was a very unusual year. Perhaps because throughout the year we had players who arrived in different situations. We were never homogeneous, so it is natural for players in different forms, with the same work, for the body to have different reactions, coming from different championships – he added.

According to a survey carried out by the “Espíão Estatístico”, from the “GE”, Botafogo is the second club with the lowest number of casualties due to injury in the season (55), behind only Corinthians (56). Among these problems, Glorioso had 12 cases of surgery in the squad, a record since this study began in 2016.

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