“Mulher Rei” is the film of the month at CineMaterna in Araraquara

Cinema room is specially prepared to receive babies; Complimentary for the first 10 guardians for babies under 18 months

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“Mulher Rei” is the film of the month at CineMaterna in Araraquara (Photo: Disclosure)

Based on real events, the Canadian drama “Mulher-Rei” was the film chosen to star in the CineMaterna session this Tuesday (4th), at Moviecom at Shopping Jaraguá in Araraquara.

The session starts at 2 pm, with courtesy for the first ten guardians of babies up to 18 months.


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“King Woman” tells the story of the memorable Agojie, an all-female unit of warriors who protected the African kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s, with skills and strength unlike anything ever seen.

The film follows the thrilling epic journey of General Nanisca while training a new generation of recruits. The fantastic Viola Davis is what brings Nanisca to life.

CineMaterna is a project by Shopping Jaraguá, carried out in partnership with Moviecom and the NGO CineMaterna, whose objective is to bring mothers with babies up to 18 months back to the cinema.

For this, the exhibition rooms are prepared to be more pleasant for babies, with adjusted temperatures and audio, with rubber mats, changing tables with diapers, ointments, baby wipes and parking for strollers.

The films shown are generally adult-themed – therefore, entertainment for mothers and fathers, but in an environment specially prepared for babies.

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