New WhatsApp feature aims to block temporary photo prints

When WhatsApp launched the single view function, it was one of the first times it invested in television advertising.

Commercials highlighted the commitment to data security, protecting information and improving encryption. However, the process does not prevent users from capturing the screen that is being displayed, making it possible to save these materials.

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Announcement about the news

Although it has not been officially announced, a series of tests was identified by the portal specialized in the WABetaInfo platform.

Logs were observed in Android version, which is especially focused on experiments. However, the developers have already finished the general configuration and are in the adjustment phase, seeking to monitor possible errors.

Looking for more privacy

After a broad awareness campaign regarding data security on the internet, people became more aware of their rights.

Global legislation has advanced to protect digital citizens, providing mechanisms that monitor the positioning of technology companies. With this, it is not uncommon to see social networks struggling, looking for a secure virtual environment.

Prohibiting temporary photo prints

Temporary photos prevent anyone from being able to see and the recipient keeping the file permanently. In fact, this was the expected scenario, given that many end up taking screenshots, seeking to save what should not be saved.

Fortunately this trick will end soon, as there will be an interruption of the system itself in the attempts to capture the screens, notifying only the correspondent.

Keep your WhatsApp always up to date on your mobile app store to receive all the updates announced by goal group. There is no provision for everyone to receive the functionality, but some selected users can already enjoy the benefit.

This time, you’ll be able to forward something with the certainty that someone won’t discreetly save it to the gallery without your permission.

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