Olympic was abandoned after Arena Grêmio and became a problem for the city

Between 1954 and 2013, there were more than 3,500 goals and a lot of history to tell. The Grêmio lived its greatest glories having as address the Largo Patrono Fernando Kroeff nº 1, in the Azenha neighborhood. The Monumental Olympic Stadium is still standing there. But the past of the countryside that served as the cradle for so many stars is no longer enough to justify its present. Looking at the Olímpico today makes Grêmio’s fans sad. The location became a problem for Porto Alegre.

The stadium has been closed since 2014, when it stopped receiving even training from the tricolor team. The last official match took place in 2013, a few months after the inauguration of the Arena, which took place in December 2012. It has been disused for practically 10 years.

The space would be delivered to the company OAS as part of the deal to build the modern stadium that houses the matches of the team coached by Renato Gaúcho today. But the non-compliance with clauses in the contract by the construction company, dismantled in Operation Lava-Jato, blocked the plan and created a problem not only for Grêmio members, but for the entire community.

“O Olímpico is under the custody, possession and property of Grêmio. Contractually, the ownership and property rights will belong to others. However, at the moment, the default on the buyer’s obligations makes any dispute over the area unfeasible. as soon as possible”, informed the Grêmio answering questions from the report of the UOL Sport.

The surrounding population suffers from increased violence. With much of the structure already removed for demolition — initially planned for 2013 — what remains is rubble. Without the physical ability to contain the advance of homeless people, the place became the target of invasions, small thefts, shelter for the homeless and space for drug consumption.

Today, Grêmio maintains security and cleanliness at the main entrance, but cannot contain all external movement. “Grêmio is responsible for guarding the heritage and cleaning the Olímpico. There are about 10 employees dedicated to this, with a monthly expense of around R$ 100 thousand”, guaranteed the club.

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