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Available for a week in the hands of those who bought the most expensive version, FIFA 23 managed to surprise even the most grumpy fan. Whoever says the classic phrase “every year FIFA is the same” was certainly surprised this year with the novelty of EA Sports for the current generation of consoles and PC. With the new AcceleRATE racing mechanic, the virtual soccer game allowed slower athletes to be utilized and even enter the “meta” (best way to take advantage of the game).

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Haaland in FIFA 23 — Photo: Reproduction/ge

Until FIFA 22 it was standard to see teams with more unknown and less popular players making success in the game just because they were fast. The rhythm attribute surpassed many others like passing, physical, defense and finishing. The important thing was to be faster than the rival.

In FIFA 23, that changed with the arrival of Hypermotion 2.0 and AcceleRATE. In the current generation of consoles and PC, each player has an acceleration mode. There are three types, check below:

  • Lengthy: this style of running encompasses taller, stronger players who start the race slower but start with speed over long stretches;
  • Explosive: this style of racing encompasses lightweight players, who tend to start out faster but lose speed over time;
  • Controlled: this third one covers players who maintain a speed from start to finish of the sprint.

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The addition of Lengthy (Extended) allowed cards like Harry Kane, Casemiro, Rúben Dias, Fabinho, Yaya ouré, among other slower players with low attributes in the rhythm to be used. British content creator Craig “NepentheZ” gushed over EA’s new mechanics in FIFA 23.

“Doing a bunch of pointless dribbling ❌, pretending to kick ❌, pushing the pace (of the players) ❌, playing real football ✅,” the streamer posted.

I really love this game (FIFA 23)

— NepentheZ, about new AcceleRATE

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Despite being in favor of the new mechanic, NepentheZ understands that it must be balanced.

“That opinion may change when this mechanic starts to be abused in a higher division,” warned the Brit.

In addition to players who already come with Lengthy by default, there is a way to make some cards this style. To have the stride in FIFA 23 you need to add 14 points more strength compared to agility. Using chemistry styles such as Architect, it is possible to change a player’s AcceleRATE.

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Casemiro celebrates a goal at FIFA 23 — Photo: Reproduction/ge

According to a study by FIFA analyst Alex Bee, striker Haaland, who has 89 pace, is only slightly faster than Ibrahimovic, who has 58 pace. The test showed that the difference between the Norwegian ace and the Swede in a 12-yard run (about 11 meters) is just 1.7 seconds.

Precisely in the last version of all time with the classic name, EA innovated and changed FIFA. With this data in mind, the community now needs to accept the diversity of cards and players to start embracing and testing the slower ones. Give a second (or first) chance to players who are more technical than fast and you can live the honeymoon that Fernando Diniz lives with the ace Paulo Henrique Ganso in Fluminense.

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