Pérez’s winning weapon was having a floor like Verstappen’s

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Sergio Perez can be defined as the urban track specialist: last year he won in Baku at the Azerbaijan GP and this season formula 1 won both in Monaco and Singapore. The Mexican won the treacherous race at Marina Bay with perfect handling behind the wheel of the RB18.

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This sudden “resurrection” of Checo, in the difficult weekend of his teammate, comes after a very difficult period for him, as in the last six races he had only been on the podium once. It was said that Red Bull’s development would go more in the direction of the world champion driver and less in the direction of Pérez, who prefers a car that tends to understeer.

The RB18’s slimming diet, in addition to guaranteeing an increase in performance (about 0″3 is measured every 10 kg less), also allowed technicians to introduce a little weight that allowed Adrian Newey’s machine to better balance, ensuring better handling for the benefit of tire durability.

Red Bull RB18: Ferrari style background detail used up to Monza by Perez

Red Bull RB18: Ferrari style background detail used up to Monza by Perez

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

This being the case, it is questionable what allowed Pérez to become a giant in Singapore. And the answer came from a photograph that was taken on the Marina Bay starting grid, while car number 11 was on the front row: the RB18 of driver number 11 was also equipped with the same bottom as Verstappen’s.

Max, in fact, rejected the introduction of the new Ferrari-style background at the British GP and the solution was fitted to Sergio Pérez, who has since used it regularly up until Monza. The motivation of the Milton Keynes technicians was that for budgetary reasons they did not want to make other old bottoms and would use the new specification with Czech as the performance difference was “only” one tenth.

Obviously this was not the case, because in Singapore even the Mexican managed to benefit from the most efficient solution and the result was seen immediately: Pérez used the bottom without the blower in front of the rear wheel yesterday and, above all, he also had the update seen on Verstappen’s RB18.

Red Bull RB18 modified underside detail seen in Singapore

Red Bull RB18 modified underside detail seen in Singapore

Photo by: Giorgio Piola

Sergio Pérez’s car also had a different design at the curb exit limit in the center of the car, where two square Nolder tabs were visible and no longer rounded, after the shape of the gap between the two dorsals.

Pierre Wache’s engineers explained that the flow pattern was revised to have less pressure drop when changing heights: Pérez must have especially liked all the changes because he saw the rider from the beginning of the season again, he was very close to Verstappen

Milton Keynes’ team wants to take the Mexican to second place in the Drivers’ Championship: after the success of Marina Bay, only two points separate Sergio from Charles Leclerc and the operation could go ahead if we see Pérez at the same level as we saw him in Singapore in the next races.

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