Sony victim of alleged leak and upcoming PS5 projects may have been revealed

An alleged leaked document revealed information about upcoming PlayStation Studios projects, shortly after the revelation that the Japanese would be working on a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn.

It is worth noting that the document has not been confirmed and must be regarded as a rumor. Some of the names on the pages are Sony employees, but this does not confirm any information.

PlayStation VR2: Sony would have started production

03 Oct


30 Sep

Apparently, this document only brings information about Sony’s European studios, as it excludes Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch. It would be from 2021 and references the remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn, a multiplayer derivative of the saga, listed as a game as a service and which will also come to PC.

  • Guerilla Games

    • Horizon Forbidden West DLC
    • Horizon PS5 Remaster
    • Horizon Forbidden West PCPort
    • Horizon Online Multiplayer GaaS Title, PS5/PC

  • firesprite

    • Heartbreak, PS5/PC, Survival Horror

  • Digital Juice

    • Carbon, PS5, Open-World, Multiplayer

  • Lucid Games

    • Redstar, PS5, Vehicle Combat, Multiplayer

  • Kojima Productions
  • ballistic moon

    • Bates, PS5/PC, Survival Horror

  • London Studio

    • Camden, PS5/PC GaaS, Multiplayer

A new game from Kojima Productions appears on the list with codename Ocean and rumors suggest it is Death Stranding 2. Another vehicular combat project called Redstar is listed in development by Lucid Games and could be the new Twisted Metal, which has had its production passed on to Firesprite this year.

Other projects are also mentioned, such as the survival horror Heartbreak from the Firesprite studio, located in Liverpool. It is also possible to note that future PlayStation projects are planned for the PC, something that Sony had already revealed.

The big surprise is the Carbon project, an open world game from developer Sumo Digital, responsible for Sackboy: A Great Adventure, which had never appeared in rumors before.

As it is a 2021 document, some projects have undergone changes or may have been canceled and all that remains is to wait for new information.

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