Thriller with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck is the most surprising and smart movie on Netflix

In 2009, I was 21 years old and studying physiotherapy. I had obtained an internship in an association and had the objective of specializing in the neurological area. Until a movie changed everything. It was a conventional day, I went to the movies with my sister to see a release with Russell Crowe. “State Intrigues” is one of those journalism thrillers that keep you hooked from start to finish. With a clever script that forces you to piece together puzzle pieces in your brain as you watch.

Russell Crowe plays Cal McCaffrey, a seasoned investigative reporter for The Washington Post driven to investigate the circumstances of the murder of a congressional aide during a CPI. The congressional investigations are against a large billionaire corporation called PointCorp, which privatized American intelligence and planned, among other things, offensives in Iraq. Revelations throughout the day point out that the dead woman was the lover of deputy Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck), causing a media uproar, since he was married, conservative and, above all, a name quoted to run in the presidential elections.

Alongside Cal in the investigation is the newspaper’s new online reporter, Della (Rachel McAdams). An inexperienced, but curious and dynamic young woman who follows, without lowering her head, the directions of her mentor. Hours after the first death, a cyclist is found dead in an alley. He was also a witness in the PointCorp case.

As Cal and Della unravel the hole in their careers, the film confronts us with a harsh reality, especially for journalism professionals, which is the transition and imminent end of print. Cal and Della are realities that take off. It is the meeting of the old and the new, the masculine and the feminine. From fabric and paper. At this point, “State Intrigues” has a nostalgic farewell tone to the old editions sold on newsstands. Of the holes just known the next morning. The online reporter, though often underestimated by Cal, who calls her a “blogger,” is competent, headstrong, and the future of the profession.

While involving us in a surprising thriller, which sometimes plays tricks on us, “State Intrigues” also contemplates a moment of technological transition. It still leaves us completely in awe of the art of investigative journalism, which convinced me to give up physical therapy and transfer courses.

And it is worth remembering that, although Kevin McDonald, the director, does not have a very well-known name in Brazil, he is the winner of an Oscar statuette for the documentary “One Day in September” and has in his rich curriculum, great productions, such as “O Last King of Scotland”, “My New Life” and the extraordinary “The Mauritanian”.

Movie: State intrigues
Direction: Kevin McDonald
Year: 2009
Genre: investigative thriller
note: 10/10

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