Tragedy in Indonesia: Fans were crushed and died in the arms of players during stadium riot

  • By Valdya Baraputri and Raja Lumbanrau in Malang, Matt Murphy in London
  • BBC News

Fans doing rescue

Credit, AFP via Getty Images

photo caption,

Police fired tear gas, leading to a rush and cases of asphyxiation.

Football fans “died in the arms” of players during a riot at the Kanjuruhan stadium in Indonesia, the home team’s coach said.

Javier Roca said the tragedy at the match in Java, in which at least 125 people lost their lives, had left him “mentally shaken”. The number of children killed in the melee rose to 32.

Authorities say the youngest victim of Saturday’s disaster was just three years old.

About 18 police officers are being investigated after police fired tear gas at fans who stormed the pitch as the match ended.

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